Sunday, January 9, 2011

Interactive in the face of tendons ...

On Saturday night Chuck and I went to see James Franco simulate self amputation at Zinema 2. I've been dying to see "127 Hours," knowing full well how the story goes right down to the clipping of that final pesky piece of arm debris.

There were a few other people in the theater, pockets here and there. And as soon as our hero hits the pivotal moment -- boulder trapping right hand in a cavern without a zip code -- things get pretty grisly.

If this website had a motto, it would probably be a variation on me screaming about how much I love my media with some artful yuck. So, first our hero drops his water bottle, losing his last drops of liquid, and I pretty much yelled "Oh No!" Then he begins surgery on his arm, another moment that had me squirming uncomfortably, giggling, and dry heaving. (Chuck would later mentioning neck pain from all the wincing).

Then I got distracted by the fact that no one else in the audience -- aside from Chuck -- was so much as covering eyes or looking away, let alone hanging into the aisle making retching noises.

I'm not sure if this means that we are interactive movie viewers, or if that was a crowd of surgeons. What gives, non-responders?


Chocolate Cocottes with molten hearts: We made these little buggers in some new earthenware dishes that my brother and sister in law got us for Christmas. It's just cake with gooey innards, but it was delicious. It definitely took three hands to make. (The fourth hand was in charge of making sure Pandora was kicking out something awesome). I like to think of the recipe as "taking back butter."
It's from Le Creuset Mini-Cocotte: 25 Sweet and Savory Recipes.

Wall Street: My favorite moment: Charlie Sheen is standing on his newly acquired balcony, henceforth to be referred to as his "pensive perch." He looks out at the New York skyline, smokes a cigarette and says either "Who am I?" or "Where am I?" It doesn't matter which because this is the quintessential 80s movie moment.

Die Hard John McClane isn't always super smart. But sometimes he is.

Solitary Man Cripes. This movie is so uncomfortable. I can only watch a 60-year-old man give the old elevator to barely legals through one eye, with the other squinched in a cringe. Also bizarre: This movie features a handful of comic actors including Danny Devito, Mary Louise Parker, and that girl from "The Office" in serious roles. On the other hand, I could listen to Johnny Cash sing "Solitary Man" all day.

127 HoursDaddy like. See above. 


feisty said...

the people who weren't wincing or reacting must be psychopaths. they have been desensitized by modern media to the point that they lack any empathy whatsoever. i want to see that film, yet i don't. and now, i have the added bonus of fearing neck pain as well...

jcrew said...

I agree with feisty. and I got that neck pain watching a few scenes in true grit, which i imagine isn't nearly as bad as that scene.

Nick said...

wow those are some crazy delicious looking chocolate dealy-bobs.