Saturday, January 15, 2011

Infinite Friday: Friday No. 4 ...


Reading "Infinite Jest" is like being on a diet. Sure, it tastes good and is good for me and whatever. But I can't help eying all the juicy morsels I'm not consuming during this self-imposed book monogamy, and drooling. Just got the new Charles Baxter in the mail and there it sits in the looming shadow of one Mr. James O. Incandenza. Not to mention that Chuckles cleared out my Amazon Wish List for Christmas gifts, and there those sit, too.

I'm not sure how much longer I can take it. If I wasn't madly in love with the book, I'd have ditched out 600 pages ago.

Progress: I'm on page 958. I will finish this book in the wee hours of today. And then. I have no idea what happens after that.


This past week I actually raised my fists to the heavens and said "Screw you, David Foster Wallace!" And I meant it. I was, like, mad.


I also held the book lovingly to my chest and cooed. So there is that.


Remember last week when I mentioned that one of my favorite characters would be dead the next time I picked up the book? He's still alive. Well, alive-ish.


Hot stretch, cold stretch. Hot hot stretch. The kind of stuff that makes you forget the drudgery of U.S./Canadian relations in the Year of the Adult Depends Undergarments. There are so many great chunks of book here, filled with off-the-rails humor and description that I want to play "... and then remember that one time when Hal ..." for like an hour. On the other hand, I've also been reading the same story for almost a month, and have probably forgotten more than I remember.


The big question is: What to read next. F Scotty suggested a "palate cleanser," which is tempting. Bodice rippers and/or body horror or, like, Snooki. I've been advised that my follow up will be a disappointment, so I might as well not waste it on something I planned on enjoying. But part of me thinks that now that my brain is capable of leeching on to something this massive, I should take advantage of it and read big while I still can.


For as much as I'm ready to be done with Infinite Jest, I bet I'm going to miss it.


Amy said...

you know his last book they cobbled together after he died is coming out soon - it's called "the pale king". will you send me the baxter book when you are done with it? pretty please?

CDP said...

Whoever said that follow up would be a disappointment was right. Read Snooki or something right after IJ because nothing really good is going to seem that good by direct comparison. Try to get "The Broom of the System", too.