Monday, December 27, 2010

Pupils itching in confusion ...

I'm not trying to be one of those bloggers who is all "CHEESE IS SO GOOD!" but seriously: Do you know how much cheese I can cram into my face? It's like if I could, I would just loosen the hinges on my jaw and slide tongue first into a cheese display.

So that's part of how I spent the past week, when I wasn't getting wonky about David Foster Wallace. It's weird to be obsessed with something that other people aren't obsessed with at the same time. Like, it surprises me that he isn't trending on Twitter because he's so at the front of my brain. About twice an hour I stop myself from starting a story with, "Well, in 'Infinite Jest' ..." The other six times I just say that and hope I'm not boring Chuck.

In other news:


Potato and Kale Enchiladas with Roasted Chili Sauce: Well of all the labor intensive meals in the entire universe. This one is messssssy. (Actually, it's not too bad, but I did spill some on my socks). But the kind of foodie funny recipe book Veganomicon has yet to fail me, so. So this is pretty good. Especially when you get a potato chunk with plenty of kale. Super secret ingredient: pumpkin seeds.

Easy A: I'm a sucker for teen-demographic movies staring unconventionally attractive people with fantastic plumes of hair. And this one seemed to get the nod as something a little more smart, a little better message-y than, say, one featuring a teen-aged boy making sticky love to dessert. Still: total disappointment. The premise is close to inventive. But this whole thing just wasn't clever enough.

Plus, there is this montage that references the teen movie genre of the 1980s that made my pupils itch in confusion.

1. Are 17 year olds in 2010 watching "Breakfast Club," "Pretty in Pink" and "Ferris Bueller"? Maybe, if their Gen X parents are foisting these titles on to them. I know that my parents didn't foist boomer teen movies on me when I was a junior in high school. Were there teen flicks for the Boomers?

2. Aren't there any teen movies from the early 2000s that appeal to teens of today? What will they be nostalgic for when they are 35? Certainly not "Say Anything." Right? Or will they be? I don't think they'll be nostalgic for "Easy A," for instance.

Termite Parade by Joshua Mohr: Such a great opening scene before everything sputters into meh. Full review will be here.


Mach1 said...

1.) Let's not forget Emma Stone's slightly raspy voice. I think that's a big part of her appeal.

2.) That movie was a good example of a few good scenes adrift in what's otherwise muck. It was so confusing. Were there two people directing this, one good, one bad?

Gina said...

10 Things I Hate About You?

chuck said...

Today's teens will be nostalgic about Twilight and Harry Potter.

Teen movies in the Boomer age all starred Annette Funicello and all sucked.

feisty said...

2) what about those American Pie/Wedding/Whatever movies? or was that in the 90s. either way, i'm old.