Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wishing for a hangover where there is none ...

Pop Culture Curiosity Chapter 2: KFC's Double Down

The best place to eat a tired relic of pop culture, during daylight hours, is in the front seat of your car in a parking lot on a side of town you don't usually frequent.

Enter KFC's Double Down, item No. 2 on Project Catch Up With What The Hell People Are -- or in this case Were -- Talking About. (Unofficial title). This once-taboo introduction to a world that refused to accept that something called a "sandwich" would have the audacity to substitute chicken breasts for a bun caused a ruckus, and then that ruckus ended. It is, as plenty of internet people have pointed out, a chicken dinner gone vertical, rather than horizontal. So no one's talking about it anymore -- except Canadians. It just migrated north. I bet that audience will cycle through its outrage at the sodium content in a much cooler way.

I have terrible news, carrot-faces. Dr. Colonel Sanders found a hangover cure. I wasn't hung over when I ate mine, but as liquid fat pooled near my elbows, I wished I was hung over. This thing is delicious. First of all, it's fried chicken, which has never sucked. And it has slats of off-white cheese, that curiously did not melt nor bend. Some sort of salmon-colored sauce. Bacon. It's not pretty. It's food-itecture.

I ate about 75 percent of it before I got meated out. Then I tossed it into my backseat for part two of the experiment: How long would this sandwich last in the post-apocalyptic world that is my vehicle. 

I like to consider myself pop culture curious, but there are whole categories of things that go by unnoticed in a way that suggests I've never seen the internet. I'm dedicating this week -- give or take a week -- to introducing certain much-talked about things I've not experienced into my life. And then blogging about it.Not all of these posts will be about food. Chapter 1: The McRib is here.

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I think you and Chuck should go to the Family sauna.