Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shitstorm of media consumption ...

On this episode of Weakly Reviewed, I hit an unprecedented level of laziness that has me simply making lists and linking when I feel like it without explanation. (All of the book links to go Minnesota Reads, where full reviews of this shitstorm of media I've been consuming can be read in 500-plus word detail). In a strange twist of literary fate, I'd actually recommend any of these books to anyone. Not sure how I managed to fall into a six-book win streak, but it shows no sign of abating. I'm currently reading another winner. My inner bitcher is totally pissed off. It might be time for me to pick up the next installment in the Twilight series so I have something to complain about.   

As for the movies, I feel into a horror fest during the Halloween season, which was helped along by AMC's willingness to feed my insatiable need for gore. Our TiVo looked like it was being operated by a very macabre teen-aged boy. As for the random French film, blame Marcy Dermansky's book "Bad Marie." So. I included like sentence thoughts on everything I saw. No time or effort was harmed in the making of that list.

In other news at the McChuckerstein/Pista residence: We do indeed have mice. They went Old Country Buffet over some rat poison. Now we wait for the house to start reeking to gauge our success. In related news: our bedroom and kitchen have never been cleaner.

And personally: I've come to discover that I am powerless against Target's Converse collection. Also: I still have glue stuck in my eyelashes from the falsies I wore on Halloween. I got some of the chunks out by ripping out a handful of eyelashes. So now I have bald spots and clumps. I'm adorable.


Mexican lasagna: So this is like lasagna, cept with tortillas and built in a springform pan. It was decent. I'd make it again. All the yum of lasagna without the mess of working with wet noodles. Ole!

Sun Dried Tomato and Arugula Tartines: My only complaint about this is that it was flavor overload. But, damn. Delicious. These little sandwiches got the sun-dried tomato, tofu, olives, arugula, and fancy Swiss cheese treatment with favorable results. I could only eat about one before I almost had to have a stomach-ectomy.

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius: Dave Eggers 

The Hunger Games: Suzanne Collins

Rat Girl: Kristin Hersch

Cruddy: Lynda Barry

Handling the Undead: John Avjist Lindqvist

Bad Marie: Marcy Dermansky

Leprechaun: Turning Shamrock Shakes into laughable horror
Tropic Thunder: Laughed a lot, then had best nap ever.
Friday the 13th 2: Inspiring.

The Shining: Never gets old.

Halloween 2: Keep getting it mixed up with Friday the 13th 2.

Sherlock Holmes: Funny. Fell asleep.

Creature from the Black Lagoon: Love.

Midnight Meat Train: Perfectly disgusting.

Funny Games: Uncomfortable.

The Omen: Too long.
Rois et reine (Kings and Queen): Huh. Interesting.

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Ian Dickinson said...

Guess who also loves the movie Funny Games... Futbol!