Friday, November 19, 2010

Booked ...

Today I was gifted with an armload and a half of free books from longtime blog reader turned friend, FiFi. She's gone electronic with her lit, plus, she said her husband is worried about her piles upon piles of books toppling on her head.

And you thought you could only salivate over food. We stood at her kitchen table as she held up a mix of graphic novels, memoirs and fiction. I'd only read three from the haul. She frowned when I told her I already owned a copy of "Nocturnes." That frown seemed to say "Dammit, Pista. Now I have to put this back in my topple pile."

This was so truly awesome. I already zipped through one of the graphic novels in the late afternoon. I can't believe I spent 34 years not reading graphic novels. This has been the most exciting thing to happen to me, reading-wise, since Christopher Pike and his YA freak fests in the late 80s. Thanks, FiFi.The next three months are booked. Get it? Booked. Huh.

I should also note here that this comes on the heels of a rather large shipment of words from Jodes, who is also responsible for getting me into graphic novels. My reading life is ridiculously satisfying.


Anonymous said...

I have not of Christopher Pike in years. I loved those books.

I have played with idea of electronic reading, but nothing beats curling up with a beat up book.

If they figure out how to dog ear a reader, count me in.

Christa said...

Oh I know! I'm a huge dog ear-er, too. And that's one of my areas of concern. Well, that and that I like holding a physical copy and then having shelves full of books.