Thursday, October 21, 2010

Saturday is the Monday of weekends ...

Like sands through the hour glass, I tell ya. 

Wha-Oh. The only new food I've made recently had a weird consistency and so I cannot in good conscience pass along the results. It tasted so weird that I'm surprised it didn't have mushrooms in it.

"Iron Man 2": Well, it has been a mere week-ish since we watched this and I remember little. Although I liked it at the time. Possible there has been a mysterious concussion. But all I see when I picture this movie is Robert Downey Jr. in a red transformer costume. Perfect for Halloween.

The Social Network: So delicious. The only difference between Jesse Eisenberg and Michael Cera, is that I won't not go to a movie just because Jesse Eisenberg is in it. 

"Red Hook Road" by Ayelet Waldman: I come to you with, curiously, no complaints about Ayelet Waldman’s Red Hook Road.  I believe the fiery ginger has written her best novel to date, possibly the best novel she can write, and it is pretty damn good.

This is what literary limbo looks like. It’s a place where you read a book, enjoy said book, probably won’t try to jam it down anyone’s pants with a breathless “You. Must. Read. This.” But if anyone asks your opinion of the work, you will beam like a Glo-Worm, and maybe throw in an appreciative sigh. List 101 things you liked about it — the pace, the characters, the tone. It’s so neutral that you can safely pass it along to your mother as an emergency birthday gift with positive results and without being accused of only reading books about men who -ectomy their own leg bones to use as weaponry.

Kudos, Waldman.

Full review here.

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Chris said...

So I'm not the only one who sees the Eisenberg/Cera connection? When I was watching Zombieland I kept wondering if Eisenberg's role was written for Cera. They look nothing alike, so I can't even pinpoint what makes me see them as eerily similar.