Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cleaning out my closet ...

This is a good old fashioned case of "cleaning out my closet." I've been slacking on my lists of foods, movies, and books since Los Angeles (holla). This means little in the scheme of things, until one morning when Chuck is at the grocery store with a hankering for Snobby Joes, and has no idea what ingredients to buy and can't search this little site from his magic telephone devise. Or I think: "Wait. Did I see 'Shutter Island' or not?"

So screw the links, attempts at Amazon bucks and blurry photographs taken in our dimly lit and hugely orange kitchen.  Here's some stuff.

Snobby Joes: "Don't tell me. No, do. What's the meat substitute here?" Chuck asked. Lentils! These are totally like sloppy Joes, but the heartiness comes from beans. So fun. I was actually super surprised at how good these were. I even resisted the urge to coat them in cheese.

They are from this vegan cookbook "Veganomicon" that totally busts the rep that vegans have of being humorless. Snobby Joes? C'mon. That's comedy. (Food comedy has different standards).

Apple-Peanut Butter-Caramel Bars: These were from the same cookbook and they were so super awesome. Huge crusty chunks of graham cracker crumbles, apple, peanut butter. Superyum.

"Greenberg": Soo ... yeah.

"I think we're Alone Now" This is a pretty shitty doc about two huge fans of Tiffany, the mall rocker of yesteryear. It ends up being super cruel, instead of anything else.

"Nightmare on Elm Street" Thus beginning my scary movie season. I'm going to cram as many into the next month as possible.  I'd never seen this, which means negative points on my 80s whatever cred.

"Shutter Island" The ending of this movie is like ... 45 minutes of the movie.

"Freedom" by Jonathan Franzen: There is nothing that I can say about Jonathan Franzen's superlative magnet that hasn't been said by everyone from the official newspaper of record, to our cultural spokeswoman Oprah Winfrey, to 4 gazillion unknown word geeks who are wondering if it is socially acceptable to shove this particular 3 pound novel down one's pants.

Franzen deserves every exclamation point, every "incredible," and every sheet cake decorated with his likeness. This epic, sprawling, detailed novel about pretty much everything in the world and is an engrossing collection of words.

Full review will be here.

Richard Yates by Tao Lin: I’m feeling pretty generous today, so I’m going to extend to Tao Lin a courtesy I’d ordinarily not. I’m going to humor him. For the duration of this post, I’m not even going to so much as roll a single eyeball over his whole “If you don’t get me, you’re obvs too old to understand me” bullshit. But please know this will end with my tongue bloody from restraint.
[Deep breath]

Full review here.

Drinking at the Movies by Julia Wertz: Julia Wertz is that little voice in your head cracking wise during situations that are absurd or even borderline tragic. Where plenty of (boring) people have learned to silence it, or at least self-edit, Wertz spits out these bits of irreverent nuggets:
“My life is the abortion Juno should have had,” the be-T’shirted and bobbed 20-something tells her friend in her graphic memoir Drinking at the Movies.

Full review here.

High Voltage by Kat Von D I'm going through a huge Kat Von D phase, not unlike my vegetarian cooking phase, addiction memoir phase, running phase, Swedish pop duos phase, learning to play guitar phase, Belinda Carlisle phase -- well, the last one is more of a lifestyle.

She's the Kat Von D'jour. 

Full review will be on Minnesota Reads.

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