Thursday, August 12, 2010

We've been dancing ...

Chuck and I went to see some rock 'n roll tonight, starring the wild-haired former drummer from GNR and a bunch of other longhairs who got held up at the border of 1989.

It. Was. Fantaz.

I worry about the weird stains on my dress. And I seem to be wearing some other fool's BO. I've seen more R-n-R in the past four months than I would have dreamed of seeing when I actually liked rock and roll.

(Wait. Did I ever like rock and roll? I remember a Beastie Boys phase in the 80s. Some country in the 1990s. Alt and college bands in the latter half of the 1990s. Minimalist vocalists in the early 2000s, Top 40 in the mid 2000s, Swedish pop duos and the Cure-influenced post-shoe gazer shoe gazers now and forever. One day in mid-June: Glo-Fi.)

Well, I know I liked "Appetite for Destruction" at some point, and still do. I also had a damn good porketta sandwich.

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Kate Bee said...

It's kind of a known thing that I still love the hair bands, even though I was in elementary school when they were popular (in my defense, I am mildly trashy and I live in the exurban version of W.Duluth - seeing Hairball play is an everyday occurrence around these parts). But although I may be biased, I think "Appetite for Destruction" is still mostly awesome.

And while we're on the subject, Steven Adler was my first celebrity crush. Not the guys from NKOTB. Noooo. The heroin-riddled drummer of GNR. So disturbing.