Monday, August 16, 2010

Two weeks covered in Cheeto dust ...

Hello Planeteers. Another week of my little life has zipped past, and whoa, if this couch could talk. Here is what I made, read and watched. You'll see there is a bit of a theme when it comes to cultural consumption.

The past two weeks have been full immersion Scott Pilgrim, including one night when I had a dream that included ink spots and featured comic panels. Sad that there is no more marrow in the Pilgrim bones for me to gnaw on. It's been a blessed run.

The point is: Read these even if you think you don't like comic books or graphic novels or whatever the hell they are. 

Well, I didn't actually make-make anything that included anything like a pesky recipe. I've mentioned before that I grocery shop one day at a time. One person's impractical is this lady's European. So I end up at the store every day, which is fine. But when I don't go to the store, we're eff you sea kay'ed. Although we have been good about keeping a constant supply of Golden Grahams in the cupboard, so much so that I've given it the title of our Official House Cereal. (That will be on the test).

So on Saturday I wandered through our neighborhood market, dismayed that there is no arugula to be purchased east of Lake Ave. It's like they think you can't live in West Duluth, and like yoru greens a little bit more clever. Sometimes I jokingly try to find things like that at our grocery store just for a chuckle: Lentils. Ha! Orzo? HAHAHAHA! I ended up just leaving, and then Chuck and I  played: Invent a dinner: Just like when Lynn Rosetta Casper takes five contents of a caller's refrigerator and makes it into a meal. Yeah. Just. Like. That.

Fake meat.
Shredded Romano.
Black Olives.
A blend of Italian seasonings.
Tomato sauce, and supplemental chunks of tomato.

And it worked! Hot damn, it worked. When something like that happens, the creation of a meal using just things that we've already got in the cupboards, it's called FREE DINNER!

The L Word: Final Season: Mostly, this was a half-assed season filled with the ghosts of the past. But it was all worth it to see a bearded and pregnant Max at Lamaze class. Thanks for the hilarity, The L Word.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The books are better. But, BUT! This movie is really super fun. I might have laughed at every sentence and smiled a lot. Although Michael Cera has the single most sexless kiss face.

Scott Pilgrim Bundle Volumes 1-6 by Brian Lee O'Malley:
I drank the Jodi Chromey Kool-Aid and readers, it was delicious.
As anyone who has ever lurked the hallowed halls of Minnesota Reads knows, when Jodi likes something — I mean REALLY likes something — she damn near holds her very own Fourth of July celebration for that thing. Under these circumstances, I tend to listen to her. Aside from a few ticks in her taste buds (what kind of 80s teen disses so hard on Bret Easton Ellis? It’s inhuman), home girl tends to save virtual exclamation points for things that are truly delicious.
When it comes to the passionate reads, we lean similar: I’d guess that we will both end 2010 with plenty of crossover in our Top 10s, including Hot Pants Bognanni, and Cirque de Egan. And neither of our lists will include anything from the vampire domestic assault genre, or “it” books by 120 pound men with first world problems.
But when we leave the aisles of contemporary fiction, Aunt Jodi takes a left at graphic novels, and I take a right at food and addiction memoirs. And never the twain shall meet. Until she went all Tourettes on the Scott Pilgrim series by Brian Lee O’Malley. I peeked warily over the proverbial bookshelf, saw she was having a blast, and dove in.
My god, Jodi Chromey. You made me a believer. I spent an entire weekend laying around in my underwear reading six consecutive comic books (I believe this is her preferred method as well) and hot damn, I liked it.

Full review here

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feisty said...

my God, can we trade lives for one week? i missed out on the opportunity to collect cheetoh dust and read comic books for a are living life to the fullest. you might not think you are, but those are the weeks you will pine for once you have a kiddo. seriously- the weeks i miss the most are the ones where nothing happened, by choice.