Friday, August 27, 2010

Things get deadly ...

LOS ANGELES -- I won't be able to do LA: Day 2 any justice until Chuck uploads the video, but suffice to say: Once you perform live band karaoke with the guy who played Chainsaw in Summer School on bass, you might not ever be able to go back to that soloist with a single microphone and a badly pixelated screen ever again.

The video reveals me to be off tune for my interpretation of "Kiss Me Deadly," in the smooth styling of Lita Ford. But the video also reveals me to be a white-girl fist pumper with a ton of energy in the form of beer. I now know that I need to get Christa (Pista) and The off the ground the second my feet hit Duluth soil. I will no longer settle for golf claps after a performance.


Earlier Day 2, Chuck and I took the subway downtown to Little Tokyo and did a mini tour of some of the places I haunted during my 12-day stay in May. Even buildings with little significance were noted:

"That's where I gave this former smoker two cigarettes and she said 'I hope my boyfriend doesn't find out about this.'" We walked past Far Bar, where I must have spent at least 8 nights drinking Sapporo under a heat lamp in this narrow alley-way bar, watching muted horror films and listening to shoe-gazer music. I also hit this Japanese bookstore, brimming with Manga and Japanese books, a small section of Japanese novelists whose work has been translated. I stocked up on two books by Ryu Murakami, the author of one of my favorite books of all time "In the Miso Soup."

We had fish tacos and a drink at Senor Fish, and then hit an arcade in this Japanese mall with a disproportionate amount of candy stores. Note: I am really, really, really bad at Dance Dance Revolution, although I want to pay it every time I see it.


Yesterday we were sluggish from the Great Karaoke Experience of 2010, so we took a bus to Silver Lake to hit this Cuban cafe we hit last time we came here. They make the best hangover food on the planet.

After that, we laid around and read graphic novels, had Indian food for dinner, and then went to Upright Citizens Brigade to hear a storyteller/comedy guy wax on, wax off about growing up poor in Connecticut. He was followed by some internet famous 20-something dolts rich in puns.

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Mach1 said...

The part about being awash in all things Japanese made me think you're starring in "Lost in Translation II: Feeling Fantaz in L.A."