Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mad libbing ...

LOS ANGELES -- I like when I'm doing something that, when described, has a certain Wacky Mad Lib-bedness to it. For instance, last night we:

Watched a silent movie with a glo-fi soundtrack in the parking lot of a grocery store.

I suppose that this has the same effect:

Sang live band karaoke with Chainsaw from Summer School on bass.

I suppose I could live like this back home in D-town, USA, but I never really try. There is something about being in a place that is unfamiliar that really opens your eyes and resets your brain. Instead of coasting from here to there, there are so many whats and whys around every boulevard:

What is it like to live in that apartment?
How did that single nugget of dog feces end up so high up, on that wall?
What if I stood in front of an audience and told them my life story, with dry humor and well-time pauses and people paid me $5 to hear it?
Can I wear cowboy boots with shorts, too?
Could I live here, or would I be in constant fear that the entire country was going to buck and shift, and I'd land in the ocean?


Yesterday we also cruised Mullholland Drive, visited Greystone Mansion.

Chuck: What is this place? What happened here?
Cath: Violent murder. And part of Ghostbusters was filmed here.

We went into Beverly Hills, and hit some shops on Melrose. I ate something that can only be called Wall of Meat.


The film was hard to follow, and we were popping a squat on asphalt. A man dressed in a bunny suit was acting as a sort of cheerleader. I went inside to use the bathroom, and it cost a quarter. I took my time, I'd already lost the plot, and bought a box of Better Cheddars.

About an hour and a half, and an entire box of Better Cheddars later, Chuck discretely checked Wikipedia to see how long this film was going to last. One hundred 97 minutes. We laughed. Oh how we laughed.

"I'm going to go catch the late show of 'Scott Pilgrim' and meet up with you guys at the end," I joked.

We left.

We ate dinner, drank absinthe mixed with something else, and then headed back home. When we walked past the grocery store, the movie was just ending. Back at home, we had a dance party featuring Snoop, Depeche Mode, Michael Jackson, Katy Perry. The sun was coming up when we all finally crashed.

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Amy said...

extend your vacation, come up the coast and visit me! it sounds like you're having a blast.