Tuesday, July 27, 2010

100 percent classic rock ...

I spent all of last week trying to eliminate pain through some Lamaze tricks I learned from watching '80s TV, and staring numbly at the Lifetime Network. I learned quite a few very special things about husbands who travel for work (probably exporting something illegal involving Canadians, probably has a second wife); the worst case scenario involving honeymoons on cruise ships; how a pretty, pretty girl makes money in a recession under the guise of working as a massage therapist.

I seem to have stopped making new recipes. Shrug. But I'm pretty into Twitter lately: @lilgrl
And I'm almost ready to unveil my new karaoke repertoire. It's like 100 percent classic rock, instead of 100 percent 80s pop. Who knew.

Here's what I watched and read, though:

The Girl With the Dragon TattooWell, this was a pleasant mix of "Jungle Book" and CSI: Sweden. Now I don't have to read the books like everyone else in the world.

Super Sad True Love Story: A Novel by Gary Shteyngart: I'm super in love with Gary Shteyngart right now. I wish I could just hand pick people who need to read it. (Futbol, I'm looking at you).

There is a lot, a lot going on in this super delicious novel. It’s like one of those movies you would have to see six times to notice every nuance to fully appreciate. It is funny, and sweet, and also a little scary for its proximity to now, a world where everyday we put our lives in danger by text messaging while crossing the street. Where a thought isn’t just a thought, it’s a status update, and books with pages are being phased out in popularity for their e-counterparts. It’s a real thinker on a lot of levels: Political, social, communication and even the role of those stinky novels we like so much.

Full review here


Futbol said...

you'll have to mail it to me when you're done with it, because that's not the sort of material available at my local used bookstore. i hear you have a contact at the duluth post office; time to squeeze him for all he's worth.

Katie said...

What, no review of the Jennifer Love Hewitt Lifetime movie The Recession Drove Me to Become a Prostitute Crackwhore? Color me disappointed.

Christa said...

I wish! About midway through it, I wished I'd been writing down all the classic lines.