Monday, June 21, 2010

A barely perceptible dent ...

Wellsy, well well. Last week flew past. We had out-of-town visitors, meaning we got to test out both guest rooms simultaneously and sometimes use the L-shaped couch of leisure to almost its max potential.

It also means that I ate so much restaurant food that my Pavlovian response to seeing my own debit card is extreme hunger. (FYI: Chester Creek Cafe is rocking their Maverick Grits right now. Go grit some). Since I'm here, I'll add that Clyde Iron Works has a pretty awesome porketta sandwich that woke acne cells that had been dormant since the late 1980s. And, also, it's deck season at Mexico Lindo, where I only managed to put a barely perceptible dent into a 42 ounce margarita.

I didn't run a half-marathon and have decided to re-invent myself as an inline skater. Went apeshit all over the Munger today.

I'm reading a book that is so amazing that I dare not say its name lest I jinx it. But if all goes according to plan, it will be my favorite book of 2010.

And lastly: Is there a bigger cliche than an aging Gen-X'er cruising around with Weezer cranked on factory stereo of a Ford Focus? Because that would be me this past week. Something is wrong with my car. Not sure what, but it sounds like the soundtrack to "Battlestar Galactica."

Anyway, here is what I cooked, watched and read this past week.


Greek Orzo Stuffed Peppers: I really liked this. There is a microwave step -- to soften the red peppers -- that felt like cheating. But then it was like: What, am I Laura Ingalls Wilder? Why wouldn't I use this prominently placed kitchen appliance? So the peppers are stuffed with orzo, spinach, chickpeas, onions, feta, etc., and that stuff totally stands alone, too. Totally make this.

The Road Every single shot in this movie looks like it should be framed and hanging above our fake fireplace. But mostly I just like to say Viiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggooooooo! Someday I need to read a Cormac McCarthy book in its entirety instead of just counting how many words are in each sentence. Someday.

"Party Down" Season 2: My God. Would you people freakin' watch this so we can argue about whether it tops "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Streaming on Netflix. It's almost harder to NOT watch it. This show causes severe humor envy. Especially with the addition of Megan Mullally.

Life Would Be Perfect If I Lived in That House: by Meghan Daum: In the early 2000s, Meghan Daum did something totally unprecedented. She busted past a bunch of dead male authors with flapper fetishes and Margaret Atwood to land a spot in my Top 5 Favorite Books of All Time list with her collection of contemporary essays:My Misspent Youth: Essays

[Unfortunately she followed this with fiction that smacked dangerously close to her own life: Woman ditches out on the fast lane, lands in Lincoln, Neb., meets a dude in a flannel shirt and lives in an old farmhouse. And in the process learns a thing or two about love. It was a total three-star meh-fest.]

Daum is back doing what should be doing, conversational nonfiction writing, with what is ultimately an essay-ish love letter to house shopping and the places where she has lived, "Life Would be Perfect If I Live in that House." 

Full review will be at Minnesota Reads




Lynzie said...

My vote: Party Down Season 2 is funnier than "Always Sunny in PA."

Christa said...

Exactly. That doesn't not diminish my love for It's Always Sunny ...

rebecca said...

WHY AM I JUST NOW READING YOUR BLOG??? my proclivity for tardiness knows no boundaries. (but i made it, and it is FUNNY. duh.)

rebecca said...

also. i'm disappointed by this "barely perceptible dent." en route to the gym today, i told myself what you told me the morning of the master classes: "i might still be drunk. i don't know; we'll see." (i'm still waiting to see. i think so far i'm tipping strongly towards "yes.")