Friday, March 19, 2010

Three stories about people who crack me up ...

Tuska is thrilled. Off to her right, a class A mullet has walked into the bar. She's discretely motioning that we should all catch a glimpse of this. Sure enough, it's like this guy stuck his head in a skunk puppet. Righto. So we all have a good chuckle and Tuska motions to Prinz to get aloada this. Prinz pulls out her Blackberry, turns the screen to Tuska and says "This mullet?" She's already gotten a photograph.


"Hotrod's in town," Chuck tells me. "He's over at W's house. They're working on their sitcom."


"Hey. Pista!" A b-stocking capped stranger is yelling to me from his car at an intersection.
I walk closer and see its Cork1.
He reaches into his back seat, and hands me a jar of a chunky yellow fluid. He's just traveled in from out of town, so I naturally assume this is diarrhea in a jar, and I scream. Then I realize it is like a salsa or something. and according to the label, it tastes good on eggs. By then he had driven away.


Tuska said...

I love starring in your stories.

Suber1 said...

Seriously, that stuff is awesome on eggs. And hash browns. And burgers. Or out of the jar with a spoon.