Sunday, March 21, 2010

Questionable content ...

In the fan fiction I write about my life, there are 20 extra hours in a day, and I only waste 6 of them on Horatio-vision.

In other news, here is how I spent my past week:


Spinach and Chick Peas: This is another one that falls under the category of things that I know will be good, but I don't expect to end up on the list of things that will be repeated. Saute spinach. Fry up some bread chunks, toss in some garlic and cumin for a spell, throw the mix into the food processor with some red wine vinegar to make a bit of a paste. Return the paste to the pan, add two cans of chick peas and some tomato sauce, add the spinach and some smokey paprika.

I served ours on bread that I buttered and grilled up in a pan. Awesome. So, so, so good that I forgot it didn't have cheese. For realsies.

The House of the Devil: So much good in this film set in the 1980s and swathed in mom-jeans, headphones and walkmans the size of a case of microwave popcorn. Sam, a college sophomore, is desperate for cash since her dorm mate lives in squalor and likes to hump random dudes, then sleep away the day. She responds to an ominous ad for a babysitter and ends up way out nowhere in a gigantic house on the night of an eclipse. Long slow shots, traces of Rosemary's Baby, and a lot of gross scenes with pizza that probably weren't meant to be gross.

The Time Traveler's Wife: Have you ever noticed that Rachel McAdams gets engaged in every film? I think it's because she has that fresh girlish "I just got engaged" look about her. And bouncy hair. Anyway, I totally cried.

Her Fearful Symmetry: A Novel by Audrey Niffenegger: by Audrey Niffenegger: Phew. I think we can all collectively agree that we were a little nervy when we heard Audrey Niffenegger had a new novel. Readers, at least the ones I like to talk to, are a judge-y bunch of nitpickers who all loved The Time Traveler’s Wife and hated the idea that this writer would face-flop into a bog of suck on No. 2. Rest easy, my friends. Her Fearful Symmetry isn’t better than Niffenegger’s debut novel, but it doesn’t inspire the sort of disappointed fan letter that begins: “Oh, Aud. Why couldn’t you have pulled a Harper Lee and been done with it?”

Full review here

A Common Pornography: A Memoir (P.S.) by Kevin Sampsell: A contender for one of my top three worst-favorite books of the year. This one is noooooot goood.

Full review will be here. Unless Jodi objects to some of my questionable content.

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Nick said...

house of the devil rocked my world. looooved it. the dancing scene was brilliant!