Saturday, March 27, 2010

In the Cult ...

You have your celebrities, I have mine. And mine are pretty not on Gawker. Tonight I was walking through a tunnel at UMD and came face to face with Craig and Connie Minowa. I looked at Craig and said "hi." I was following a pack of people who were going to his show. They didn't recognize him. He said hi back. To me, this is probably the biggest celebrity that I could meet.

I freakin' love Cloud Cult. More than ... Lady Gaga? Black Eyed Peas? [Insert famous name.]

Seeing Craig Minowa felt like a super secret victory, especially exchanging pleasant pedestrian hellos.("I'm not licking you, Craig!!! You're lucky!) Especially since no one else was around, and I didn't maul them or say anything stupid.

At tonight's concert, I just wanted to write an essay about what Cloud Cult means to me. This band is totally ... sy/fy. They ooze into you like voodoo. It's like an old-time flick where music totally affects everyone in this hyper hyper something way. Like magic and aliens. In your soul, from the inside out. Seriously. It's worse if you see them live. If you don't cry, you're an animal. I cried. I would have bawled, if I didn't have an emotional latch.

So this was my second Cloud Cult concert. I'm hypnotized. I want to quit my life and become a Cloud Cult prophet.

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Talk With No Thought said...

"They ooze into you like voodoo"

Freaking love that. A+.