Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Half-assed attempt at continuity ...

Oh! Snap. Here's what I did last week:


Polenta Pizza: I've totally made this before, but the recipe begs for repeating. Especially since I used what I learned last time to make a far superior pie. This one had prosciutto, onions, garlic, tomatoes (see the little burns? Those are tomatoes) and mozzarella. This is so yum and so fun to make. God bless polenta.

Summertime by JM Coetzee: The character John Coetzee, as written about in a fictionish like sorta memoir, is socially awkward, not a real man, does not emit any sort of sexual vibe, and was never a great writer embraced by the collective.

"Summertime," by JM Coetzee is delivered as a novel with an alternative story form. Vincent, an English biographer, is conducting interviews with people who knew Coetzee in the early 1970s when he was living in a ramshackle place with his father in South Africa and teaching English. Vincent is trying to eke out anecdotes from the subjects that get to the root of Coetzee as a person for a biography that he concedes that few will read. By this time, the fictional John has died in Australia. Instead Vincent gets a handful of reluctant interviewees who confess that they barely knew the man and didn't necessarily like him.

Full review will be here. Spoiler: I liked it, but had to have my brain on the right setting to enjoy it.

Is anyone else watching Caprica? My goodness. Big love.


beret said...

Big burnt mozzarella bubbles are like food porn to me. Y-U-M.

beret said...

Wait, the burnt part was tomatoes? Nevermind. ;)