Monday, December 14, 2009

The what if-skies ...

In an effort to feel like I'm moving in the direction of almost starting to write something, I spend a lot of time asking myself "What if?" in hopes of shaking lose a million dollar plot.

It's a tried-n-true method by this sorta well-known writer Stephen King, who has apparently asked himself things like:

What if there was a sematary (sic) where buried dead things came back to life, but came back to life with PMS?

Yesterday Toonses followed me downstairs to the front door. He doesn't do that often. He may have Alzheimer's, but he seems to remember how to avoid most cardiovascular activities. I thought "What if a person's cat ran away. And then they went looking for it and didn't come back?"

I was riding that wave for as long as it took me to get to my car and realize I'd just written "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle."

My current status: Still not a published author.


Futbol said...

you should buy an abandoned house with a deep, deep well. and a baseball bat.

chuck said...

If I ever wrote a novel, I'd think it was brilliant, and the first person who read it would be like, "Um ... this is 'Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead.'

Kara said...

I have considered writing a book for years and have yet to come up with anything remotely close to a good idea. But what really tans my hide is when I read a super lame book and think about how the author got himself/herself published with such crap...and then think about how I paid them for that crap.

christina said...

@Kara -- You get a huge "Me Too!" from me. Man I read a lot of crap. I bet I could very easily write something that is considered crap by someone just like me.