Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pop and seal ...

Whenever I back my car into something -- and I back my car into something often enough to feel comfortable starting a sentence with "whenever I back my car into something" -- I always spend about five seconds staring straight ahead contemplating the damage:

1. Did I just smear my Civic logo into a Smart Car?
2. Is this going to require a trip to the tail light store?
3. Am I going to have to squirt out a replacement toddler for some strangers?

Today it was just a beam in a parking ramp that I rammed into at about 5 mph while trading colorful phraseology with JCrew on my cell phone. It was the same beam I kicked like a tire when I'd parked about 9 hours earlier, thinking "Huh. It's gonna be a bugger to get past that."

A gaggle of men heard the crunch of impact, turned around and went back to their conversation. I got out of the car to consider how much this cliche was going to cost me. All the lighting was intact. My bumper was bruised. Part of the back side rear was dented.

I whacked at it four times with the palm of my hand, and it popped right back together. Either I'm a mechanic, or the 2002 Honda Civic is made out of Tupperware.

"We're gonna be okay over here!" I called to the men and waved.
They seemed pretty disinterested.
I drove away.

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