Monday, December 7, 2009

Sigh ...

Last week I suffered my first three day hangover in the history of my life. And let me tell you, the whole thing was very disproportionate to the amount I drank. I drank, over the course of seven hours of dinging around in the apartment, watching TV and putting words on the internet, about as much as your boyfriend drinks during the first half of a football game.

Then I slept 20 hours.
Two days later I finally ordered the medicinal pizza.

I'm either a geriatric, or else I found the perfect disguise for a flu: Sam Adams winter pack.

So this is how I spent last week:


Gouda Mac and Cheese: This is such a satisfying meal when it's cold. Easy enough that I committed a case of improv, by taking this recipe and adding chopped Prosciutto, tomatoes and bread crumbs to the top before baking. Now I'm just getting cocky.

The Rachel Papers by Martin Amis: I totally liked this book, but I'm still making words about it. So far, all I've got is that the hero -- at least in my head -- looks like a young and skeezy Rick Ocasek. At some point, when I can string two words together without my head hitting the keyboard, my nose making infinite lines of zzzzz's, a full review will appear here. Keep checking every day. You should be anyway.

Slumdog Millionaire: Is it just me, or is this movie a lot like "Home Alone" meets "Bend it Like Beckham" meets "Goodfellas"?


Sarah said...

Your hangover is a direct result of about 55 I quit drinking completely since I had to give up a week to recover. I hated Slumdog Millionaire. I guess after seeing Salaam Bombay, I had way too much information about poverty in India to ever find a musical in it. Way to go on the cooking. I always make things according to the recipes the first time and then fix them the next time.

beret said...

Yep, aging. I used to be able to drink a whole bottle of champagne, a couple beers, a shot or two, get up for work at 7am and feel great. Now I feel queasy all day the next if I drink any more than 2 glasses of wine.

That gouda mac looks amazing. AMAZING.

Sproactually said...

First, unlike Sarah, I won't hint that your close to 55...

Sam's Winter Lager makes me drag the day after for some reason. Even though I prefer that girly girl beer known as cherry wheat. I tend to stay away from the "pack" because I don't like to mix my beer.

But Sam's is real beer, not pbr, you just may need more practice with it, you know, a method of learning by repetition.

Belldoorlover said...

Um please let me have the mac and cheese recipe. Its my newest addiction however it does nothing for my love handles.

christina said...

@belldoor -- There's a link with the recipe. Beyond that, I just sauted some prosciutto, ground up some bread crumbs, chopped up a tomato, and popped 'er in the over.

It is definitely an addiction.

feisty said...

can i be jealous of that hangover for awhile?

Belldoorlover said...

Ha clickable links, I thought you just put all your titles in gray. I'm a moron.

chuck said...

Aging does decrease your ability to snap back from a night of drinking, but ... not like this, and not all of a sudden. This was a ridiculous length of violent hangover for a laughable amount of beer. I vote that this probably involved a secondary infection.