Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sugar sweats ...

* I had the best night of sleep in a long time. I need nine hours, and usually I try to cram 9 hours-worth into six hours because I'm reading/writing/watching/refreshing and blow past my bedtime with nary a depression to the brakes. Last night I slept so well, I expected to wake to applause. Golf claps. I'm not kidding. I could almost hear them.

* Almost without fail, whenever I hear a song I like and then investigate who is making this awesome noise, it turns out to be a Swedish pop duo. Or a Swedish pop something at least. It happened again last night, when I stumbled onto Miike Snow. I use the phrase "stumble" loosely. Like you, I enjoy watching television for teenagers. There was a Miike Snow song on "Gossip Girl." I managed to get to iTunes just as the song was cracking the top of the most-popular list. I also *discovered* a band while watching "The Hills" tonight. I'm Nancy Effing Drew with earbuds.

As for Miike Snow, I told Chuck this morning that I'd found my new favorite band. He sampled a bit on emusic, looked at me all seriously-like and said "It's dance music."

We obviously need to spend more time together.

* I received an email from the rock star Amy Abts, which she signed "Write Soon." I'm going to steal that. I laughed for three minutes straight.

* I ate about 9 finger loads of chocolate frosting tonight. It was all super fun until I walked away and realized I had the sugar sweats. True story.

* So I almost ran over nun today. That was weird. I'm going to try not to make it a habit. Ha! [What's the point of a pun if you don't point out that you did it on purpose?]


Wahkonamama said...

Um, I just laughed for 3 minutes straight over your nun line. Ha!

OK. Wait - how did you know she was a nun? I thought they didn't wear habits anymore.

christina said...

She was wearing one. I was shocked, too. I thought maybe I was having some sort of freakish flashback.

Sproactually said...

Where do nun's buy those things??

So what did I do, googled it.

For all you nun questions, why e-bay of course.


chuck said...

Paste Magazine | "The Ultimate Swedish-Pop Playlist"

Also, referenced in the Paste article, Hello! Surprise! -- a guide to Swedish pop music.