Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lifted ...

There was an old guy with Einstein hair standing outside of my worst-favorite grocery store today. He was watching the automatic double doors open and close. A group came out, and he pressed through them to an Old Dutch display just inside the door. He grabbed a bag of, I believe, Sour Cream and Onion. He turned and casually strolled out, pinching open he bag as he left.

Unfortunately for him, if I know that store, that bag is two years expired and probably has a family of rats bunked down near the crumbs. The scientific anomaly: moldy potato chips. If it can happen, it would happen there.

This made me think of a few things:

1. How some people are invisible;
2. How he should have grabbed a PowerAde to go with it;
3a. How I totally did not care that he did that;
3b. Would I have responded differently -- that is to say, at all -- if I'd seen him in the store, stuffing peaches into the front of his pants?;
4. How much better pickle chips are;
5. How I've never shoplifted.


Anonymous said...

for some reason, this reminded me of when we lived together, and i would 'steal' toilet paper and toothpaste from my parent's house. :) - fannie

Beverly said...

is it the kenwood super one? i feel like guessing

christina said...

It was not Kenwood Super One. Two more tries.