Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lies my boyfriend tells me, Vol. 1 ...

Me: As soon as you leave this room, I'm cranking that fan up to 12.
Chuck: You're going to catch swine flu.
Me: From sleeping in a cold room?
Chuck: That's how you get it.

*Lies My Boyfriend Tells Me will be an ongoing series.


CDP said...

no no no. You get swine flu from
1. Playing Nintendo for more than 30 minutes
2. Eating candy earlier than 3 pm
3. Wearing shorts to school when the temperature drops below 70

Kristabella said...


My grandma used to always tell me that I would be paralyzed or get a stiff neck if I slept with a fan blowing on me.

Redneck Princess said...

I'm thinking all boyfriends take the "How to Lie to your Girlfriend 101" class before they're allowed to get a good girlfriend who will put up with their lies.

I've been told the gale-force winds from our ceiling fan -- which, by the way, is set on low -- is causing him to develop pneumonia. For almost seven years he's been developing pneumonia.

Futbol said...

my friend sonny told me he's immune to the pig flu because he's jewish.

chuck said...

The best prevention against swine flu is the bring me back some cookies next time you go to the kitchen.