Thursday, September 3, 2009

Japanese fashions ...

This is Bubbles, my 20th-something friend to move away from Duluth in nearly 10 years of living here. I used to know the exact number, but then I would wake up and remember an exodus of like six consecutive friends that I forgot to count. So for awhile I just said 15. But I'm pretty sure it's more than 20.

Although there is no threat that the number of movers will grow much higher. I've stopped making friends, aside from the ones who are Internet-exclusive friends. The Internet never moves.

I know, I know. What about JCrew? What if JCrew moved? Nonsense. I've set up an appointment to have her body sown to mine, so I can wear her like one of those koala backpacks that are all the rage in Japan. Then we can be together forever.


Beverly said...

sewn. "sown" is like you're mating. yikes!

nanners said...

what's wrong with that?