Monday, September 7, 2009

Almost off the grid ...

One of the best things about traveling west of 27th Avenue is that the beer mugs bloat. Your standard 22 ouncer nearly doubles to a trough of swill that makes a pitcher seem like an adorable fixture in at a child's tea party. And a 12-ounce glass? Damn near adorable.

"Whenever I drink out of one of these, I feel like I'm in 'The Lord of the Rings,'" Chuck said Sunday night, holding a grand mug.

Last night we went to the North Pole Bar, which is about the furthest place from our front door that we could possibly go without falling off the grid. It was a fun mess of people, including friends who had spent the afternoon on the Pride Fest Fruit Float, fans of Tuska who wanted to see her get a year older before their very eyes. And Hot Rod, a guy who wears sunglasses tucked into the collar of his T'shirt, who alternated between calling the bartender "barkeep," and "soda jerk."

"What? He likes it," Hot Rod said of the poor man.

Then there was Cork1, who seemed to think that it had been divine intervention that we had ended up at this bar.

"You know where I'm from, right?" he asked.
"North Pole, Alaska," I answered.
"That should be good for at least one free drink, right?" he asked. Twice.

We stuck around until we were physically removed from the bar, then Chuck tried to find a cab company that would travel this far. One $25 fare later, we were back at home, splitting flavorless Amy's brand burritos and listening to 80s era records from the shoe gazer genre.


chuck said...

I can't believe we went to a bar that was SIX MILES from our house!

If you *really* want to go to bar that's far west, we should go to the Mile Long Club (sounds dirty, I know). Last time I was there, they sold beer at off-sale price. For example, if a case of PBR was $9.99, then cans of PBR were 41 cents.

Of course, that was a long time ago, under different management. Also, it would be a 15-mile cab ride, so even if the deal still stood, we'd spend too much on the cab to make it worthwhile. Unless of course we went early enough to take the bus home.

feisty said...

uff. it almost hurts to read your blog lately. but i will, because it is 'freedom-porn' for me.

chuck is clever. sometimes there is nothing better than a witty one-liner.