Sunday, July 26, 2009

Colon cleansing for the sinuses ...

It seems that this past week was the infamous Blogher get together in Chicago. I tend to avoid such events, as my lunar cycle is easily hijacked when I spend time with other women.

Also, after spending a lot of time talking about how I couldn't wait to see Toad the Wet Sprocket at Bayfront, I didn't even end up going. I accidentally bought myself a pair of jeans that are far too good for me, and decided to freeze my cash for the rest of the month. Instead, I cruised along the lakewalk with Chuck, where we caught the occasional sounds of Toad-eling. I am going to have to wear those jeans a few more times before I decide if I made the right decision. I'll get more use out of the jeans, but will I like them as long as I have liked Toad?

In other news:


Black Bean Smothered Sweet Potatoes: This was the basic recipe I followed, but I boiled the potatoes instead of baking and I added onion to the bean mix. And I doubled the cumin and coriander, although next time I'd triple it or maybe even quadruple it. Oh, and I used yams because there is a sweet potato shortage at Cub Foods.

Sushi: One of the greatest mysteries of this apartment is why we don't have sushi at least once a week. It is so easy. We used just smoked salmon and avocado. Readers, I abused the wasabi. I ingested to enough to give myself the equivalent of a colon cleanse for my sinuses.

Aliens: Considering this movie stars Paul Reiser and Bill Paxton, I'm stunned it isn't billed as a romantic comedy.

The Ice Storm In my head, this movie is exactly the same as Wonder Boys. Katie Holmes' projects always confuse me. I think it is her doe-eyes. Let it also be said that I will never be involved in a key party. You have my word.

The Other Boleyn Girl This set off a Bolelyn fervor that later had me marathoning The Tudors. I had no idea I'd be this interested. Sometimes I think I hardly know myself. I thought I hated period pieces. [Insert menstruation joke here].

The Bolter Frances Osborne is fairly young when her mother tells her that Idina Sackville, Osborne’s great-grandmother, is not someone to be admired. The infamous Idina didn’t follow conventional rules, and Idina’s mother before that was a bit of a scuttle-butter. Idina’s crime: Divorcing her husband, leaving behind two young sons, and splitting to Kenya with another man. The Bolter is Idina’s story — five husbands, hundreds of lovers, wicked parties, drinks, drugs, notorious friends, and scandal that goes from London to Kenya and back — as traced by Osborne.

Full review here.

FScotty, who is currently traipsing all over Europe with his mouth wrapped around a vat of gelato, suggested the following running music. To him I say: I am assuming that the next time I see you, you will be wearing skinny jeans.


Maurey said...

Jeans from Andi's Closet?

nanners said...

the tudors: best show showtime does next to weeds. rhys meyer is unreal.

christina said...

Maurey -- Yup. I caved to the pressure of a coupon from my Half-Marathon pack.