Sunday, June 14, 2009

To do list, a retrospective ...

If, on Friday night, I had penned the following to-do list ...

1. Sleep 15 hours of painful sleep, after having been disproportionately affected by cheap wine;
2. Eat an orange, reminding self that the amount of work that goes into peeling this fruit is greater than the amount of enjoyment that comes from eating it;
3. Watch "Hannah and her Sisters," and have conversation with Chuck about Woody Allen's powerful voice and how all of his characters sound like him: Nasally neurosis;
4. Order pizza from Bulldog while silently cursing that this transaction cannot be completed entirely completed online;
5. Catch the tail end of "Cheaters." On this episode, the philanderer does a dead-sprint from the confrontational cameras, and hides among the cases of beer on the bottom shelf of a convenience store;
6. Overhear primary organs screaming for water. Indulge them with upward of 16 glasses of water, served in a mason jar with a handle. A vintage piece from Norm's Beer & Brats;
7. Watch the first episode of Bravo's "NYC Prep." Do shots of water every time someone mentions that they are from the Upper East Side;
8. Watch an episode of "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here." Oh, Spencie;
9. Receive unsolicited IMs from Fannie's 7th grade boyfriend that say:

"u r a crazy bitch arent u" and "phsycho (sic)" Thank Jesus that my dearest friend did not marry this juvenile delinquent.

... then I would have achieved 100 percent success.


cmacc said...

Love to-do lists. Number one on mine was retire old blog and start anew. Thus, Mother Natures Daughter is on vacay and was born.

Kristabella said...

Wait, they already showed the first episode of NYC Prep? I thought it didn't premiere until next week!

The problem here is that I am CLEARLY upset about this. It's like missing the season premiere of the next season of the Rachel Zoe Project.

Also, I'm not surprised CRY was in my verification word.

christina said...

I think it was a preview episode maybe? introducing characters and whatnot. It's on hulu.