Monday, June 22, 2009

Pretend I'm her. Amanda ...

This past week was wickedly busy, and I saw four people I'd not seen in, like, forever. I barely made an iota of food, and read less-than half of a book, and then I ran, well, ran-ish a half-marathon and now I have as much control over my own sore limbs as a marionette. Thankfully, it only hurts when I move.

This week will be quiet with meals taken at home, words typed on a screen and books eaten with Tobasco sauce.

In other news:


Zucchini-Tomato Gratin from Vegetarian Times: This was a good mix of tomatoes, zucchini, kalamata olives, basil, garlic, parmesan cheese, that tastes summery and fresh, like everything that touches Basil. It seemed super labor intensive, but that's only because I didn't buy pitted olives, so I had to strip down a bunch. Mine was soupy, operator error I'm sure. I may not have sweated my veggies well enough. I also tripled the garlic, which is my standard MO for any recipe. But it was fan-frickin'-tastic. Anyway, this blogger posted the recipe. Thanks, stranger!

Saul and Patsyby Charles Baxter: Saul and Patsy are in love. (Maybe too much so, according to Saul’s mother, who thinks it’s show-offy to be so in love and that it makes other people uncomfortable). They live in a small town in Michigan, off a dirt road, where they have moved from the east coast because of Saul’s whim to be a teacher.

Another charming novel by Charles Baxter. Sigh.
Full review here.

He's Just Not That Into You: The greatest thing about this movie: With the iPhone 3.0 upgrade, I was able to rent it from iTunes and watch it on my phone, in bed. This brings to mind the image of a 12-year-old boy listening to the Twins on a transistor radio. I bet that within 10 years, doing this will be sort of quaint and archaic. But, today, in 2009, it's a delicious way to watch a film that I would never subject Chuck to.

As for the actual movie: Zoiks. Awkward. It does nothing to further the idea that men and women are actually likable. I did like the clip from "Some Kind of Wonderful," which has long-been one of my favorites. And the blip featured is my favorite part.

Moonlight - The Complete Series This is the Silk Stalkings of vampire TV. The totally hokey story of a vampire private investigator, who solves cases with his keen sense of smell, but doesn't have any of those pesky vampire-ish ticks. For instance, he's only slightly irritated by sunlight. Meanwhile, he has an interest in a young Internet reporter, whom he saved from his vampire wife 20 years earlier. He also doesn't have any of those humanoid ticks, which would make it icky to fall for someone he knew when she was 4-years-old.

The best worst moments are when he takes a strong whiff of air, similar to the way Dennis Hopper huffs gas in the David Lynch film "Blue Velvet."

This show is so awful that I'll totally watch it.


BriGuy said...

Moonlight? Really? It's like a poor man's "Angel." And I don't care if he doesn't have human tics, I couldn't help but find it deeply awkward/creepy that he was in love with someone he's been stalking since she was a small child. The only slightly redeeming thing about the show was that it had Logan from "Veronica Mars." But even still, I couldn't stand more than two episodes of it.

Anonymous said...

The thing that bothers me most about Moonlight is that his wounds heal instantly, yet he has earring-holes. When did he get those? Before he turned vampire in 1952? I don't think so.

In sum, I can believe in vampires, but not in men who wore earrings in the 50s.