Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Confessions at 1:23 AM ...

A few months ago I bought this notebook and a 3-pack of these really great mechanical pencils. I was going to start writing a novel, maybe short stories, by hand. On college ruled paper. In cursive.

I thought this would make a really good story when I was doing readings in Athens, Ohio, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Plainview, Minn.

"So, I wrote it out long hand," I'd say, a little bit shyly. People would gasp. Then I'd make up some bullshit about the organic nature of writing without the distraction of a cursor and Facebook and my Google reader. But really, it would just be so that I'd have that story.

It's so interesting when a blogger publishes a book, and then all of a sudden their site becomes a list of cities and lost luggage and what they drank with who and where. They're all: "No time to blog. I have a reading in 15 minutes at Barnes & Noble in Richmond and my hair looks like shit and this shirt makes me look fat. More later! With photos!"

Yeah, I haven't been writing in that notebook. But I might start writing those posts regardless.


Sproactually said...

In my novel, which will never be written, well, because I can't write. I can add and subject in HEX, but I leave whole words out of things.

Any way, the good guys, who the government is after, loses the FBI by leaving their cell phone on a bus which continues uptown as they walk away. The FBI keeps tracking the enhanced 911 cell phone which was picked up by someone on the bus who took it home...

Yup, that's about far as I got.

We have a huge barnes and noble in Poughkeepsie, that never has readings, but the smaller one in the town of Ulster, which is the shopping area for like Ellenville has readings. Too bad no one in North/Western Ulster can read.

Anonymous said...

If you have a reading in Richmond and your hair looks like shit and your shirt makes you look fat, I might just let you borrow a shirt and brush. Maybe.

-- Oregon