Saturday, May 2, 2009

that's special, too ...

i'm as stunned as you: i did not go out tonite. during homegrown. the greatest duluth holiday in all the world over.

i had the best intentions. totally wanted to see decellerati, and the tisdales. everthing else would just be fun filler. but when i got home at 8 p.m., i involuntarily put on my pajama pants, removed my contact lenses, and cozied into the couch next to a fellar who said a sentence with " ... order pizza ..." as it's action verb.


i still thought i'd go out. it's homegrown! chaos! sweat! people! music! single servings of gyro pizza! pbr!

i knew i'd have to go out alone and latch on to friends. all of my friends were working or boring or had uncontrollable diarrhea [true story] . but homegrown is probably like movies in theaters: just fine viewed alone.

when chuck left for work, i was still thinking about it. although, it was going to take the jaws of life to get me out of these sweatpants.

i cracked a beer.
i decided that if i went out i'd wear sweatpants.
i started following the twitter feed of events.
sounded fun.
fun enough to get the gist of by reading it in the comfort of the red room, in sweatpants, with a beer.

so i totally skipped homegrown friday. but i read about it, refreshing every half hour. it's not exactly the same experience, but i bet i'll make up for it on homegrown saturday.

chuck sent me a text that said "someday homegrown will be like the superbowl. we'll be proud not to know who's playing."

next september, when i complain about being bored, please remind me that i made this decision to stay home on a night when fun was free for the taking. then punch me in the teeth.

but seriously: there is something to be said for listening to the replacements and playing farmtown on facebook. that's special, too.


chuck said...

When have you ever complained about being bored? That's something that just doesn't happen.

nanners said...

i take back that reply e-mail about you being drunk. unless you play farmtown drunk.