Tuesday, May 26, 2009

souvenirs ...

My second favorite thing that happened on Sunday night: Dude walks into the bar, and FScotty gives him a hug and says: "You smell good! What is that? Allure Sport?"

My first favorite thing that happened on Sunday night: Someone barfed over the railing of Grandma's patio. If I know that bar, I'm guessing that happens nightly.

Also: My unemployed friend made a surprise visit, perhaps stealing a bit of the attention of the birthday boy, who later referred to himself as the "warm-up band."

I woke with two cans of Natty Light crammed into my purse with an unopened hunk of Sharp Cheddar Cheese. My favorite part about after bars at my former landlord's: Souvenirs from his fridge.

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Anonymous said...

I love finding beer and cheese hidden around my place. If only Drunky McGee visited more often.