Friday, May 1, 2009

the rub ...

last night's homegrown adventure led us to the main club in superior to see fred tyson, a little man who sings hits such as "freddie gonna do what he wanna do" and what i believe was a new song about a ninja.

before his show, he wore a pink robe and a crown. during his show, he stripped out of the robe, and down to silkish short-shorts, white socks black shoes. he was shirtless, but had on a black studded harness.

i decided to save up my fun pellets for the weekend, so i was the driver. i still need my brain today, whereas this weekend i can let it marinate in a gourmet stew of pbr, and the sweat of strangers dripping from the ceiling pipes at RT quinlan's. i may have caught a buzz from chuck's fannie and geo grrl, however. when they got into the car, it smelled like a cautionary tale about hiding the mouthwash and vanilla extract. hot damn, those kids know how to have a good time.

i've never felt like i was in a 1970s b-movie more than when chuck's fannie hopped into the backseat and growled "you guys are cool, right?"

so superior, wisconsin, was a damn-good time even without sauce. crazy dancing and smoke machines. i got front-row seats to the smooth and persistent seduction stylings of a man named hotrod, who in all the world over, lives the closest thing to rock star lifestyle that i've ever seen.

"you're the hottest librarian in the bar," he told jcrew. "let me take you to dinner tonight. we'll go to who's bar."

back in duluth, we made a stop to visit some friends who were camped out for tickets to see "ghost of girlfriends past." what the wha? exactly.

we hit the taco john's drive through for sport. came home. when all was said and done, lights out at a whoppin' 3:30 a.m.

oof. this morning i feel like i was the one wearing a leather studded harness. on my brain. i'm fried. if i'd known i'd feel like this, i would have just drank instead of pissing off the bartenders at the main club with requests for water.

brains. they regenerate.

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