Sunday, April 12, 2009

what easter was ...

at grandma and grandpa smittley's house there was a huge easter basket for our family to share. four chocolate rabbits, not enough black jelly beans; too many purple and whites. also: oblong chocolate covered wafers.

one year brother pista, grandma smittley and i played a version of hide-n-seek, burying those wafers in various crannies of their house while the other players hunted for the candy.

for at least a year afterward, grandma smittley would find these stale chocolate candies in strange locations: hidden in a cake pan that hung above the stove, in jars, under this and behind that.

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Mach1 said...

When I was in kindergarten, I bought my mom a purple heart-shaped makeup mirror that said "Mom" in white cursive on it. My mom doesn't wear makeup, but again - I was in kindergarten.

I gave it to my dad for safekeeping and he forgot where he put it. I think we found it the year I was in third grade.