Friday, March 6, 2009

Wherein I try to blog from an iPhone ...

LOS ANGELES -- we are on a vacation. So far:
1. I've woken up somewhere over northern California to find that I'd been using my seatmates $4 bagel sandwich for a pillow.
2. Stepped off a plane and onto the tarmack at bob hope airport and straight into Hawaiian shirts and gloria gaynor music and wondered if my dream of vacationing in 1979 had finally come true.
3. Tripped over the complete Bridges family collection on the Hollywood walk of fame.
4. Seen a man dressed like a chuckie doll.
5. Had to turn down a "tour of the stars" because chuck is afraid that if we do it, I'll write about it on the Internet and dent our street cred. Truthfully, as soon as the dude tried to sell it with the phrase " ... Where pretty woman was filmed ..." I was out.
6. Eaten an In & Out burger. I think the secret sause is mucous and thousand island dressing. It was delicious.
7. Seen an American Apparel Mannequin beg someone to get her pregnant.
8. Motorboated $7 worth of Thai food.


Talk With No Thought said...

god i love LA.

feisty said...

super jealous of your in-and-out burger!

enjoy the sun- and don't forget the La Brea Tar Pits museum near rodeo drive. in the middle of built-up, consumeristic, L.A., you can learn about the tar pits (mostly filled in now) that preserved the remains of wooly mammoths and other creatures. i highly recommend it!

Amy said...