Friday, March 27, 2009

try walking in this fashionista's shoes ...

for the fashion curious: today i had the opportunity to not only wear this home from the ymca, but also to make two stops in public before returning the room beneath the stairs where chuck keeps me locked up with a dirty mattress and a tin bowl half-filled with scum-covered water.

dirty cap from urban outfitters' 2007 collection [this smells suspiciously like a hockey helmet]

sweater from american eagle with a cowl neck that doubles as a dorito holder -- unfortunately i rarely notice the doritos until hours after i think i've finished them. more unfortunate is that i haven't found a hat that can double as a guacamole holder.

off-white thermal that used to be white until i got all crazy and stood within a mile radius of coffee

champion workout pants that shrunk to an unflattering point of my legs. [let it be known that i'm a champion-brand champion. if champion ever needs a ridiculously average 30-something runner to strut around in their awesome bras for an audience of 30-something average runners who shop at target, i'd totally think about it before saying no.]

knee high suede boots that fortuitously start right where my pants end. nicely played, nicole brand -- whoever the hell you are.


feisty said...

wait, is this a sarcastic post? you look fashionable to me.

of course, i am a duluthian and own a red/black Bemidji Woolen Mills jacket...and think that wearing that with a black turtleneck is dressing up.

mage2001 said...

very duluth chic!:)

Whiskeymarie said...

I think I'm old enough now to stop worrying about leaving the house in such outfits- mine usually include some sort of stained t-shirt/ill-fitting cargo pants combo.
I'm also old enough that I wear the outfits in question much, much more often than I should admit.

Mach1 said...

My apartment manager scolded me for wearing flannel pajama pants in the lobby at 7:30 a.m. one day last week.

Now whenver I see her and I am dressed nicely, I get all passive-aggressive. "Do you like my tie, Kathleen?" "Oh, hi. I just happen to be wearing a suit today. Nice, huh?" "Kathleen, what do you think? Is this button-down shirt too wrinkly?"

That will show her...eventually.

Futbol said...

if you curl up under your couch, you could pass for a ball of lint.

Maurey said...

Um, how long a walk was that?