Monday, March 16, 2009

rancid, expired swill ...

oh, let's see. in the past week we went to los angeles, but saved the real rock star antics for duluth. in other news:


french onion soup: this time with fresh beef stock, instead of that rancid, expired swill i tried to use last time!

caprese omelet: chuck made this omelet to match the one i had while we were on vacation. so. darn. yum. just tomatoes, basil and mozzarella cheese. so fresh.


jupina: pineapple soda. fantastic. not for calorie counters. this bad boy has 200 in a can.

Choke: this movie is great. chuck palahniuk has such great stories -- in this one, that guy who seduced drew berrymore with scrabble and shake n bake in charlie's angels, is a sex addict who works as a historical tour guide and is trying to learn more about his childhood from his dying, drug addled brained mother -- but his whole OCD tick gets really annoying after threeish books. it's so much nicer when someone comes along and translates what palahniuk would have said if he didn't have tourettes.

Let The Right One In: this vampire movie is pretty hokey, and the cheesy english translation from swedish puts it on a par with 1970s kung fu. but it is a necessary watch, if only for the cat attack, and the epic finale.

Shopgirl: we rented this so we could have another glimpse of LA. i remember loving the book and the movie. this time there was an overriding creepy factor that i'd either repressed or forgotten or not noticed before. fan fiction-wise, i like to think that steve martin wrote this as an elaborate apology to the 22 year old he seduced when he was in his mid-50s.

ANNA KARENINA by tolstoy: There are two ways to read Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina: in a dead sprint, where you try to cram as much of it into your brain as quickly as possible before you lose steam, or you take advantage of the tiny, bite-sized chapters, and read a piece a day for the rest of your life.

I fell somewhere closer to the former. But it wasn’t fast enough to hold my attention. Parts charmed me and I cooed and clutched the book and made jokes like “Oh, he’s a total Vronsky,” then when I slowed down I got bored and started to resent any paragraph that included politics or the word “peasant” or “Levin.”

full review here.

the city: this is a micro look at the 20s dating scene. this could just be crappy editing, but it's pretty accurate either way:
1. jay doesn't tell whitney that he's going on tour [doesn't want drama];
2. jay tells whitney he's going on tour, but first gets mad at her because he assumes she's going to be mad at him because she won't trust him while he is touring [which is true. she won't. but she shouldn't.]
3. instead she gets mad at him for not telling her earlier.
4. jay continues to be mad at her for not trusting him. [she hasn't said a word about not trusting him.]
5. whitney tells him he's not listening.
6. jay goes stoney cold and says "how can you say that?" and acts hurt.
7. thankfully, they break up.

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