Thursday, March 12, 2009

oh the places you'll eat ...

so we are back from LA and it is a magical 9 degrees back in duluth. swear words. most of our time in LA was spent eating thai, japanese, vietnamese, cuban, mexican, italian and armenian food. our lone nod to USA came in the form of an in and out burger.

here i've cleaned out my cache of iphone photos:

some people think it's precious when their pet sits in their luggage and they attribute all sorts of complicated human thoughts to this miniature stink pot. "oh, look, honey! toonses wants to go with us to LA." i say, it's more like:

a) toonses saw an opportunity to annoy me when i'm awake, which is outside of the box for him; or b) he's afraid of my cartoonish training bras.

i thought this store at the minneapolis airport was an ikea. i need to bump up the prescription on my glasses, which will help me read better, but probably won't do anything to improve the part of my brain that thought that a traveler could be coaxed into buying swedish assembly-only bookcases at an airport.

chuck and i have a rule that if there is a window seat available, he gets it. he thinks he's winning, but that's because he never gets to sit in the middle next to a middle aged man from the east coast who spends three states berating himself for tipping the flight attendent $4 for a $3 sandwich.

i didn't really feel like i was in LA until we climbed up to the griffith park observatory. finally i was able to look down upon lauren conrad's kingdom and understand.

i finally got to try the infamous in and out burger. that's a crave that is hard to kick.

my sunglasses broke as soon as i got to LA, which a lot of people would probably think is a good thing. i'm not sure why i think my sunglasses should be bigger than my face. i think it's because of something mary kate and ashley olson did. i almost got these as a replacement, but cath gently coaxed me toward something that looked less like an old woman wearing a silk robe decorated with flamingos and a scrabble tournament.

this is what chuck would look like if he was a professional wrestler, super villian or in the band insane clown posse.

this is where i really started to notice that chuck was on vacation and befriending what he usually refers to as something like "demon sunlight."

this would be in the top 3 of foods eaten on our trip: a pastrami sandwich from cafe tropical in silver lake. the only way i could have enjoyed it more was if i was hung over.

this was a dessert from a cuban restaurant called florida that we went to on saturday night. it was like candied papaya with a layer of cream cheese. it was meh. they also put country time lemonade mix in chuck's margarita ... which was awesome.

arroz frito from florida. just cuban fried rice with some shrimp. and fried plantains, which i will be incorporating into every meal now that we are back.

our first night in LA, cath took us to this great thai restaurant called torung. it was totally delicious, totally inexpensive. i had red curry, which i drank like it was gatorade. the next night, after a few drinks, we ended up back at torung to soak up the suds. shrimp cakes and some sort of kabob. the next night, chuck and i went back to torung, and had more appetizers with the same intent.

sometimes people complain about intenstinal back log while they are traveling. let's just say that this food remedied all intestinal back logs from every trip i've ever taken. i can no longer look at the picture of the kabob without my colon seizing.

this is machaca con huevos from el conquistador, a mexican restaurant in silver lake. this also ranks in my top three dishes. meat and eggs coaxed past my trachea with the help of a pretty potent margarita.

when we were in chinatown, we ordered shrimp rolls from a vietnamese restaurant. we ate them too quickly to get a photo. they were good, but for some reason i couldn't look at them while i ate. the shrimp were layed in such a way beneath the thin skin of the roll, that it looked like dead shrimp caught in a frozen lake. i just had to coat them in peanut sauce and stare straight ahead.

a writer with palm trees as a back drop.

another view from the roof.

i had this omlet at a place called alcove in silver lake. it was fantastic. basically just egg folded over a cup and a half of diced tomatoes with mozzarella cubes and basil on top. holy night it was delicious.

we went to carousel for armenian food. i had falafel and bulgher. before the meal, we got a tray of olives, beets, carrots, cheese and cucumbers. there was no reason for a meal-meal after that.

there is something a little familiar about this mannequin. i felt like i was looking in the mirror.

back in st. paul, we stopped at queen of sheba for ethiopian food, before driving back to duluth. this strip-mall restaurant was teeming with men playing a game similar to pool, without sticks and elementary school-aged children who had the run of the floor. it was like a daycare.

somewhere between ordering and eating, they cranked up spongebob to rave levels on the big screen tv. the toilet was broken, there were no paper towels, the bathroom door didn't shut. the food was fine -- chuck said his tasted like it might have had hormel chili in it. i couldn't think about the food again until i knew it was safely planted in my gut with no chance to bounce back out.


Whiskeymarie said...

a) All that food looks so good that I'm regretting my sad lunch of brown rice with cheese and salsa on it.

b) Queen of Sheba is dangerously close to my house, but I have never eaten there. Now I know I don't need to. There is a place right by it called "La Hacienda" that I ate at once very late at night after a harsh restaurant shift- it was authentic, fresh and so delicious I thought about it for weeks, yet I've never been back.

c) I never thought I wanted to go to LA again, but now I'm re-thinking that decision I made in 1984 (at age 13) after a particularly harrowing trip involving Disneyworld, spiders, and an unfortunate see-through swimsuit.

Futbol said...

I find the pastrami to be the most sensual of all the salted, cured meats.

Anonymous said...

that "store" in the mpls airport is actually a restaurant/bar, where you should have had a fresh-squeezed greyhound before boarding your flight!

Princess Wild Cow said...

After moving to Duluth from LA some 30+ years ago, I still miss the food. In fact, your food trip was almost enough to tempt me into returning for a visit. The best Ethiopian food I ever had was in a restaurant in Washington DC. Now, I want to go there. As I always say, "Food, my favorite meal."

Talk With No Thought said...

I'm heading to LA in a few weeks and can't wait. I freaking love LA.

And holy crap, chuck smiles!

Sproactually said...

Where are the Tori Spelling pictures?