Saturday, March 14, 2009

laundromat bingo explained ...

this photo is called "as my clothes turn"

so before i go anywhere, i usually compile a general list of people i will run into at that location. today, on my way to the laundromat, it was something like:

* overweight woman in tight white leggings
* misbehaving children under the age of six
* hippie girl sitting in the corner reading [besides me]
* cute couple giggling over unmentionables
* someone eating something from mcdonalds

i didn't do so hot. i missed "man with underwear the size of a hammock and his disobedient service dog," and man with 14 pairs of jeans picking stray fabric softeners off the floor and mumbling to himself "people who throw things on the ground give me the willies."

but i got most of the rest of it right.

today it would be called laundromat bingo, but it is ever-changing. it could be called "rock the block bingo," "target bingo," "walgreens after midnight bingo."

tonight it will be called pizza luce bingo. i plan to see a handful of 25-35 year old men dressed in leather, yelping AC/DC and motley crue lyrics.

that's my whole card.


Cub said...

What about the lady who proclaims, "You done real good" when the vending machine spirals out two bags of Cheetos for the price of one? Was she there?

chuck said...

Whenever I'm at the laundromat, I think of a line in a laundromat poem by Louis Jenkins that goes: "You're here now because of poor planning."

Krupskaya said...

I once ended up dating a guy I met at the laundromat. Not only that, but the day I met him he asked me back to his apartment to see some of his travel photos.

Amy said...

i think some of them are 35+! scandalous!