Saturday, March 21, 2009

i'll have what she's not having ...

i was at the wine store tonight looking for a just-better-than cheap white wine. my wine criteria is:

1. the first bottle should be in the $12-15 range;
2. the second bottle, which should only be penetrated in the case of emergency, should be $7.
3. the packaging should be pretty.

i grabbed a german wine for my first bottle. it was a brand that said to me "swedish pop duos" "go-go boots," men with shag haircuts slow dancing, and white leather couches. perfect.

this dewy coed comes hopping around the corner, retinas still mere slivers from the photo shoot at the DMV marking her 21st birthday. she's chanting "polka-dot. polka dot." i look at the bottle i'm holding:

polka dot.

i show it to her, and point to it on the shelf. i think she squealed, but i'm not sure because i didn't have my dog whistle.

"is it good?" i ask.
"it's sooooo good," she says. "but don't get the yellow label, that's gross."

she sashays, gum chews, flip flops down to the end of the row. points at a bottle and squeals again:

"berringer! that's the stuff me and [whoever] were drinking that one night! weee! it was soooo goood!"

that's when i put the polka dot back on the shelf. i'm no wine snob. but something told me i didn't want to have what she was having.


Miss Kate said...

Tonight I had Barton & Guestier Vouvray. Good, and under $12. I was surprised. I can't do Riesling anymore (Whiskey's diabetes-Riesling post? Spot on) so I'm exploring.

I hate to admit it, but I can easily polish off a bottle of cheap white by myself, If I tried it with red, though. Mercy. That would be bad bad news.

chuck said...

Ten bucks says the Beringer was white zin.

Mach1 said...

What? Wine is like thise potions in "Alice in Wonderland." Drinking that wine was your chance to become a peroxided, gum-chomping, bed-hopping UMD business major-political science minor. Isn't that what you have always wanted?

Belldoorlover said...

I'm just glad someone else chooses their wine based on the label design. The boyfriend mocks me all the time because of it.