Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dinosaurs ...

Our Internet broke, which means everytime I walk in the front door, it is like I'm on a fieldtrip at a pioneer era school-house.
My only means of interaction with the world is this phone. Just like Laura Ingalls used to do. If using my phone as my primary computer has taught me anything, it is that I don't forsee a kindle in my future. I can barely handle reading a 3 paragraph blog post, let alone the complete works of Tom Clancey.
Last night I almost blogged with a pencil and paper.
Instead I did a hodge lodge of cleaning: putting away laundry cleaned 3 weeks ago, throwing away birthday cards from last august ... All sorts of stuff civilized people do every day. Then chuck came home and sublimated Internet with an accelerated cleaning frenzy.
I wonder what the inside of my car would look like if I quit the Internet?
PS: I hate that my phone makes it hard to not properly punctuate and spell. Charm sucker.


Futbol said...

maybe if we all conspire to misspell clancy's name permanently he'll stop churning out those mediocre spy novels.

Sproactually said...

It's like when the power go's out, and everyone wonders what to do.

I do without TV, but doing with out the internet.. no, no can do.

You can't steal someones wireless?

Whiskeymarie said...

Last time our internet broke, I kept yelling "we may as well live in a cabin in the woods with an outhouse!"

What has happened to us?
But yeah- my house WAS clean that week...

chuck said...

Now that it's back up, I'm really surprised by how boring the internet is. But at least I'm back up to date on which Star Wars character everyone is.