Friday, February 6, 2009

taking fashion cues from a toy poodle ...

a lesser person would refer to this as "date night". me ... i'm going with "first time that chuck and i have gone out since new year's eve so we got drunk."

we have a weird life now where we tag team at the foot of the bed: when i sleep, he's awake and vice versa. i feel like there is a joke there ... Q: how did the couple both sleep on the same side of the bed? A: they slept at opposite times![i'll hone this before i take it more public.]

lately i sweat a lot in my slept. i feel like when chuck climbs into bed, i slimily slither from his hands like a toy at a carnival.

tonight our stars aligned. that meant that chuck had to wake up, eat a strange combination of vegetables ground up and shaped like a chicken patty, and then go to the bar [rt quinlan's]. chuck was the king of sacrifice [breakfast beers] and arfitificial chick'n!

our night:

henceforth, i take fashion cues from a toy poodle:


Sproactually said...

Is that the taxi guys poodle?

Mach1 said...

Yeah, it looks like him. What's his name again? Mr. Snuggles or something?

Kelli L said...

The taxi guy's poodle is named Teddy Bear, if memory serves. That dog is so well-behaved!