Friday, February 6, 2009

so 'appy ...

so as i tried to convey last night through one eyeball and some hunting and pecking, chuck and i went to a watering hole. it was a good scene. plenty of michael jackson on the juke box and jug after jug of satan's drool. i willed myself to be hung over just because this was going to be 24 hours of 2006-2008 revisted.

i love rt quinlan's: i love how the bathroom is 10 degrees warmer than the bar, the perminant fixtures sitting at the end of the bar, the video cameras trained on the back alley and the front hallway, and the jokes on the chalkboard. when i took high school friends there recently, i think they thought it was a fantastic dive. i think that's half right: fantastic. but less of a dive and more of a den of hippiedom.

we took a photo in my favorite "let there be lowenbrau" spot. with a character named oddio who recently burned his own eyebrows off. by accident.

today, instead of a headache, i woke with a wild hair to finally get an iphone. here that happens:

i'm so 'appy. tee hee.

we later ate pizza for dinner. one of those unprecedented "dine in" situations that felt really cheesy. i shoved 20 pounds of processed glop down my throat. so. good. overheard from the two twelve year oldish boys sitting alone at a table:

boy one: i wish ET was here.
chuck: me, too!

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Kristabella said...

Yay! iPhone! I love mine. I don't know how I ever lived without one.

ET like the extra terrestrial or Entertainment Tonight?