Monday, February 23, 2009

pop rocked ...

if my memory serves me correctly, saturday night ended with some sort of froo-froo drink that had pop rocks along the rim of the glass. although cell phone photos indicate that i later spent time hugging my friends and squealing. and there is apparently a message to chuck in his cell phone archives where i gush on and on in, i'm told, the voice of a 4-year-old. he also said that my text messages started to read like an eye chart as the night went on.

trust me when i say that i am never drinking ever again. well, at least until we go on vacation.

also, i finally met maurey.

here is my cleavage and bubbles

here is jcrew being a pretty princess

here jcrew tattoos drock's leg


wasabi vessels: we made these little nuggets for a belated valentine's day party, filled them with salmon and avacado and then i dumped wasabi on top. i had no idea they were so easy. i've been giving the japanese far too much credit.

bonus footage:

nori my ass. i can just administer this shit straight. if you look closely, mr. sproactually, you can see the massive bruising on my middle finger from the demon door smashing incident what-say 3 months ago.

pad thai: the recipe is still a secret, but i stand behind my estimate that chuck makes the most awesome pad thai. this is a pretty solid woo-ing technique.

"t-bag's list of grievances" here chuck taps into toonses' inner psyche to get to the bare essence of his being.
"my return" my cousin posts infrequently, but when she does, it is good for at least 12 solid laughs. here she writes an over view of her life since returning home from capetown and moving into our grandma's house. there is an especially great moment where she writes about a former roommate from duluth.

Kill Your Friends: A Novel (P.S.) by john niven: John Niven is what would happen if Nick Hornby got into a terrible car crash and punctured the lobe where politeness lives. I had a heck of a time getting into his novel "Kill Your Friends," since I'm not exactly fluent in vitriol. It is pages and pages of a man angrily screaming British slang for cocaine in your face, spit foaming at the corners of his mouth.

Steven Stelfox is an A&R dude negotiating the Brit pop scene in the 1990s. It's a cruel, cruel place where everyone is trying to find the next big thing. The young sexy girl singer, the song that resonates with clubbers, the reimagining of the Spice Girls, or those croony Emo "artists." When things don't go his way, Steven may do something like hammer away at a colleague's brain with a baseball bat, but only after his first murderous attempt fails: the one where he tries to overdose the guy, then plugs his orifices with all sorts of embarrassing things.

full review will be here.

WARNING: chuck and i are both reading anna karenina right now, so i probably will be sidelined from my book-a-week pace. i like to think of this as our own little mini oprah's book club. chuck, of course, playing the role of oprah. me, of course, playing the role of a chunky housewife who uses O magazine as a life manual.

i finished swimming! i finished swimming! is it possible to swim, get water in your ears, go outside, have the water freeze, and die? just wondering.

i have like 50-some miles on the bike to finish by the end of this month. apologies to my crotch.


these are my new favorite thing, and how i spend my friday nights. every time i buy them, one of the cute little hippies working at whole foods says "HAVE YOU EVER HAD THESE BEFORE! THEY'RE AWESOME!" this may also be the reason i've been working out for eight weeks and still have lost zero pounds.


Sproactually said...

What is that? Wasbai toothpaste?

That nail did'nt fall off and the door mauling?

chuck said...

If I ever write a vegetarian guide to life, that picture of me will be my author photo. Of course, I'd have to become a vegetarian first.

You can't die from water freezing in your ear, but you can die if you drink vodka that's been left outside when it's -60. Or so I've read.

Whiskeymarie said...

1) I thought you two had already met. How is it I don't even live in Duluth and I've seen you twice?

2) Now that I know how easy sushi is to make, I always wonder why I'm paying $6-17 a roll when I'm out. But, then I remember that I like being waited on and that I'm too lazy to make the fancy rolls I like so much at home.

3) Chuck's t-bag post made me laugh out loud. I should probably go over there and tell him that, but I was worried that I was over my limit for working cats into conversation this month and might look crazy/crazier.

Kristabella said...

Pop Rocks in a drink? Somehow that sounds painful.