Sunday, February 8, 2009

FAQ rhymes with weakly review ...

Q: you didn't make any food all week? or read a book?
A: no.
Q: and the only movie you watched was "anchorman"?
A: yes.


baba ganoush: chuckles mixed up Mediterranean night by making baba ganoush instead of hummus, like we usually have. the subtle change in taste is interesting. the subtle change in color is alarming.

"anchorman" : this is a tale as old as adam and eve: anchorman tells deepest desires to dog. dog gets chucked into a lake by a biker who's face was blasted by a burrito. dog saves anchorman from vicious bear.


"the hills" here's what must be happening behind the scenes:
whit: [sigh] do i have to confide in olivia every. single. day?
producers: [emphatically] YES! olivia was hired to be your pretty-haired confidante!
whit: but ... but ... does she even have pupils? she rolls her eyes so much it's hard to tell ...

"the bachelor" i can't wait until the first time ty tells one of these ooey-gooey wanna-be wives who's uteruses throb everytime jason mentions his son:
"you aren't my real mom!"

in other news, [this topic actually deserves an entire post, but ...] fannie has this theory of dating called "the ick." that is the moment where she's seeing someone and they do something that grosses her out in such a way that she can no longer think of them as a viable contender for her love. previous icks have included:

* a man who was shorter than her, who, when they kissed horizontally, she felt like he was climbing on her "like a monkey."
* a man with tiny feminine fingers who did this weird scratching on her leg
* something i can't quite recall involving a vikings jersey

when jason kisses these women, he makes a face that gives me the ick. i cannot look at the tv. i make a scrunchy face and look away. he's like a weird ferret nuzzling into their mouth hole. ick.


Talk With No Thought said...

I could live off baba if dared.

Krupskaya said...

I'm looking forward to reading the Ick post. I have some contenders.

Miss Kate said...

Ferrets are gross. Ferrets and mouth holes are even grosser. Yech.

Kristabella said...

Can someone make Olivia go away? I mean, I'd prefer Speidi to her.

Anonymous said...

Never mind "The Ick" -- I'm way more interested in the fact that you correctly spelled "confidante."

-- Oregon