Sunday, January 25, 2009

part deuce ...

some friends from high school came to town this weekend. i went out for the first time since new year's eve. somehow i played it exactly right. karma didn't exact revenge for my three weeks of self-righteous sobriety. i woke up without the slightest hint of shame or hangover. i think the side of beef i ate for dinner must have trumped karma.

friday was also jcrew's birthday. a few of us yappy gals went to lunch. i had deep fried diuretic slathered in hot sauce. then, completely crippled, i spent a half hour in a public restroom reading drivel. i spent a few more hours practicing for the role of quasimoto in the school play.

many years ago i wrote a post called "jcrew and the birthday drizzle." consider this part deuce.

* in the future, i'd like to address the way facebook has become to the class of 94.

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