Sunday, January 4, 2009

keeping my options open for further resolutions ...

here are my resolutions for 2009:
run many miles
eat a ridiculous amount of vegetables
create meals that taste good and photograph well
listen to great songs
read so many good books my pupils fleck away like scabs
see a full-body apparition
write things
see places i've never seen before that are warm when it is cold here
spend less money
not get fatter
keep my options open for further resolutions

cheese monkeys by chip kidd: The Cheese Monkeys by Chip Kidd is, for more than 250 pages, one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read in a long time. Our hero is a freshman at State, enrolled in art classes. He meets an older sassy wild card named Himillsy Dodd who is full of fun and big ideas. They spend time drinking, eating ice cream, drunk driving and talking about art. (Himillsy also has a very serious straight-laced, straight edge, non-cluttered boyfriend who rarely interrupts the flow of their friendship).

full review here.

american teenager 2008: this painfully awesome documentary is about the lives of a handful of teenagers meeting specific teenaged stereotypes: athletic, arty, geeky, etc. ... filmed over the course of their senior year. when you aren't cringing, it's actually pretty good.

the band geek tells his date that they both "suck at life." ah, socially awkward moments caught on film.


Lipstick Jungle - Season One
: am i the first person in the world to recognize that this show is fan fiction about what happened to the girls from the babysitter's club? that said, i can't stop watching.

"ghost adventures" : zak introduces an epilady to the ghost hunting paraphernalia. [chuck's joke, not mine.]

in zak bagans google activity, this week i got a lot of traffic looking for a) zak bagans naked; b) zak bagans workout; c) zak bagans sister.

addition to the ghost adventures drinking game:
the words "dude, seriously" require taking a shot. of red bull.

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Beverly said...

You can't say "fatter." You have to say "fat"!