Thursday, January 29, 2009

crossdressing ...

i was tagged by some facebook friends to write 25 random things about myself. so rather than put that brain power to waste, i'm reposting it here. even though there is no new information in these here words.

[funny, though. in jabbing my brain to come up with 25 things, i doubled back to the list of 100 random things from my first blog. i'd say that 80 percent of the items on that list are no longer true. such a smug little 28 year old i was.]

1. i have been blogging [] since 2004, so i write at least 25 random things about myself weekly. usually without being asked. pure hubris.

2. ... and when tagged, i never tag anyone back.

3. i have fantastic recall of kindergarten through high school. i'm spotty on college and i've wiped most of the 2000s clean. i only remember that it smells like busch lite and dirty tube socks.

4. i finished twin cities marathon in sixth to last place in 2004. they only had XXL t'shirts left and no fruit. i was trounced by dozens of geriatrics and amputees.

5. i probably drink at least a gallon of water a day, which means i pee every 45 minutes.

6. subsequently, for the first time in 10 years, i've gone close to a year without a urinary tract infection. for a long time i thought i'd have to have a prosthetic tract fashioned out of rubber tubing.

7. i hate unsolicited advice. but i also hate when people ignore the advice i give them, unsolicited.

8. i am more like the high school version of myself than i ever was between 1995 and 2006. without the acne and curfew.

9. my favorite person in the entire world is [chuck]. i think he is the only person in the universe for me. i know this, partly, because he catches sympathy PMS.

10. ideally, my bedtime would be 4:30 a.m. and i would sleep until early afternoon.

11. i hate driving to rochester. i do it as infrequently as possible. when i moved here, i did it at least twice a month for a few years. i can describe in great detail the bathroom in every gas station bathroom between here.

12. i plan to live in duluth forever and ever and ever. i love it here. i can wear a stocking cap every day.

13. toward the end of the summer i was robbed at gunpoint in front of my apartment. i accidentally gave the guy my backpack and reusable grocery bag instead of my purse, which was slung over my body and hidden, apparently. he ended up with a sweaty sports bra, running pants, socks and leftover gazpacho. i could already laugh about that within an hour of the incident.

14. i feel like my facebook friends who read my blog are probably tired of the story about how i got robbed at gunpoint.

15. i was really disappointed when i turned 25 and was too old to be one of the seven strangers on the "real world." now i'm holding out to be a cast member on "ghost hunters."

16. i will not eat anything that has ever been within a three foot radius of a mushroom.

17. my karaoke repertoire includes: "let's hear it for the boy," "borderline," "mad about you," "dreams" by fleetwood mac, "i wanna be your lover" by prince.

18. in the 8-plus years that i've lived here, something like 15ish of my friends have moved. sometimes i'll get one of these old friends stuck in my craw for a whole day and miss the heck out of them.

19. i started cooking about a year ago and really like it. i almost exclusively cook vegetarian meals, not because i'm a vegetarian, but because the chopping of veggies is so fun, and i don't necessarily trust myself handling meat.

20. other hobbies include reading, writing, running.

21. i like to be grossed out: movies by cronenberg and books by palahniuk. if i can actually smell the burning flesh, i am delighted.

22. my favorite employment scenario: one summer i worked at a newly opened italian restaurant with a small crew of fun people and at barnes and noble. this was excellent.

23. it was during this time that i came to loathe art garfunkle.

24. at different points in my life, people have said i look like a) the little girl in that 1991 harrison ford movie "regarding henry"; b) neve campbell; c) jenny mccarthy in the mouth area; d) melissa gilbert

25. on super bowl sunday 1993 i was bet $5 that i couldn't drink a bowl of salsa. i only finished half and spent the entire night crapping my guts out


Anonymous said...

24. E) Fannie

Kristabella said...

I guess I'm going to have to cave and actually do this since everyone seems to be doing it.

The thought of drinking salsa gives me heartburn. A for effort, though.