Sunday, January 18, 2009

clinging to the innards of my future dinner ...

it is always a good week when the vegetarian times comes along to save us from making every night fajita night. we had enough homecooked meals this past week that i should earn a free bonnet.

other fun facts from the week:
1) if possible, i like to park my car in front of or behind chuck's car, leaving half a car length between us. if anyone else did this on the block, i'd think they were an asshole. as is, i do it because i think everyone on the block is an asshole.

2.) bell peppers are in heavy rotation in this house. nothing makes me happier than finding one of these babies clinging to the innards of my future dinner. one day last week i found three. they are cute.


deep dish skillet pizza: good and bad news: i burned the shit out of this crust. a weird recipe maneuver called for setting the skillet on the floor of the oven. i disagree. the good news: i didn't cry, and scraping off the toppings made for a great salad. kale, who knew? i will try this again.

strawberry compote: this is a fancy way of saying "put five cups of frozen strawberries in the oven with sugar and vanilla bean and see what happens." what happens is a very intense warm strawberry soupiness that goes very well on my ice cream. it's so strawberry concentrated that it tastes like it was packaged for astronauts. in other news, don't buy your vanilla bean at whole foods. you should just buy a nice scarf or a record instead.

quinoa stuffed peppers: [linking to an approximation of what i made] labor intensive. and, full disclosure, i only participated in this. chuck did most of the heavy lifting while i was on the phone with the cable company. but this was good. maybe not worth the effort, but good. i'd use more cheese than the recipe calls for.

the leftovers taste awesome with eggs.


"the hills"
* correct me if i'm wrong: did whitney just dust off a vintage copy of "the rules" and successfully execute it in the wrangling of a boyfriend? zowie, whit. 1995 applauds you.

"the bachelor"
* i can't keep these women straight. they are all just long hair with various degrees of psychosis.

"the real world brooklyn"
* this may be the least attractive band of tweens to start getting real.
* also, where is the drama? have the seven, er, eight strangers progressed so far that the biggest threats on internal chemistry are putting a condomized banana in the fish tank? can you imagine a cast from 18 years ago being a-ok with the transexual? possible that in the future there will be fewer hate crimes on mtv?


The Queen ever since i didn't make the homecoming court in 1993, i've just assumed i wasn't into royalty. recently, i surprisingly wanted to watch "the dutchess," so when tivo suggested "the queen," i thought that was close enough. i imagined a lot of goblets and people mawing on turkey legs and flaming arrows. not so. i have to stop judging thing before i know anything about them. this movie was surprisingly charming and the only thing that even hints at days of yore is that the queen resembles george washington. did you know that diana died on my birthday?

speaking of: this has me wondering which american's tragic death would result in a similar amount of shrines and tears? i can only come up with oprah.

The Brave One : a bunch of people told me to watch this movie after i was r'd at g'point. i can only assume they wanted to bore me. jodie foster plays a radio monologuist who's fiance dies after they both get the shit kicked out of them in central park. she goes vigilante, and starts shootin' up bad guys -- which she suddenly runs into with great frequency.

believable: jodie foster as a grudge-holding angel of death.
not believable: i cannot suspend my belief enough in this movie to see that jodie foster has a male fiance. she comes across as shane from the l-word, if shane were trying to channel meg ryan. the sarah mclauchlin soundtrack is silly.

Boyz N the Hood 1991: it seems like when i went to college, this was every boys favorite movie. aside from the last 12 minutes, it is one terrible menudo flick with an afterschool special soundtrack. eeps. we've come so far, film-wise. but more characters need names like furious styles. that is straight gold.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 : i stopped following this movie very closely when they asked me to believe that blake lively and america ferrera can fit into the same jeans.

The Wackness 2008: in this movie's signature moment, the female love interest tells our hero what he always just sees the "whackness" while she sees the "dopeness." oye.

"how to succeed on the internet without even trying" jodi's fantastically funny list of ways to popularize your blog. no mention of talking like an lolcat, but we'll let it slide.

since new year's day, max has been on a mission to become "rock star skinny." first he fasted for a bunch of days, now he is strictly eating approximately 900 calories a day. he's not trying to just lose weight; he wants to be skiiiiiiinnnnnnyy. this is fascinating stuff. although i was glad when the fast ended because i kept expecting to see a twitter update that said he was dead.

"writing in an age of distraction" [via] cory doctorow writes about writing productivity in an easily-distracting internet age. i took a bunch of his advice one day this past week.

"hanging 10 [degrees] on icy lake superior" the new york times notices that people are surfing on lake superior. i like to think that someday duluth will be known as a surfing community. [not that i'll try it. i don't even like to shower.]

i cannot wait for this book to be released. hot damn, i love jay mcinerney. [via]


chuck said...

If you're too young to remember 1994, but still really into buying '90s retro stuff for your dorm room from Urban Outfitters, and you also happen to be a cutter, then you'll undoubtedly love the Wackness.

Miss Kate said...

As an eight year old, I wrote a letter to Princess Diana, complete with a hand drawn picture. Her Lady In Waiting (is that like a British PA?) wrote me a letter in reply. It was the highlight of my 1986.

I had zero expectations about "The Queen" (except to possibly be bored), but I too was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the whole side story with the Blairs. Have you seen the picture of Helen Mirren in a swimsuit of GFY? She is smokin' hot for being in her 60s!

Kristabella said...

Why am I 31 and still watching the Real World? And really, how could people not know she was once a man. It's pretty obvious.