Monday, December 15, 2008

fireball! ...

this past weekend i blew my stir crazy allowance before the snow came. doh!


snow people from christa pista on Vimeo.

fought over any good books lately? i'm always composing a roster of people who i could be in a book club with, but i also have a psychic image of what meetings would look like. this always pushes the idea out of my head. nyt delves into the harshness the right group, then finding the right book.

in which sometimes it takes years: molly lambert writes about a 9-year-old pick up artist who wrote a book on how to get girls. one nugget: “The best choice for most boys is a regular girl. Remember, some pretty girls are cold hearted when it comes to boys. Don’t let them get to you.”

it's the holidays. how about just one: the moral is: being sober can get you out of a lot of holiday parties.

fireball sighting: i actually saw this when we were driving back from my parent's house on thanksgiving. it was pretty amazing. i didn't know what the heck it was, but it was really pretty and really brief and really cool.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Widescreen) 2008 : know what's worse than a bad movie? a movie that shouldn't be bad that is. like this one. it's actually funny. but its like it's overwritten so the jokes lose their punch, and also sometimes they go too far off path to make a joke. but god i love veronica mars.

The Goonies 1885: i'd forgotten what a funsucker martha plimpton is in this movie in the decade and a half since i last saw it. it left me feeling a little creepy when i remembered the strong feelings i'd had for sean asten in the mid-80s. especially since he went all hairy toed hobbit.

St. Elmo's Fire 1985: thank you tivo suggestions! in other things i've forgotten in the past decade: emilio esteves is positively painfully awkward in this movie. also, i remember wishing that, like demi moore's character, my wrist and head clanked with jewelry everytime i moved. such a nice soundtrack.

While They Slept: An Inquiry into the Murder of a Family
by kathryn harris : In late April, 1984, Billy Gilley,18, killed his parents with a baseball bat. And when his little sister Becky wouldn’t go upstairs while he finished, he beat her, too, which eventually killed her. Jody Gilley, 16 at the time, stood frozen in her bedroom, disassociating, imagining she was a character in a book and wondering if that character would jump out the window to get away from her brother.

When he was finished, Billy Gilley came upstairs, bloody, and said to his sister: “We’re free.”

full review here.

and, for further reference, i've posted a list of the 10 best books i read in 2008. this was pretty hard to do, since i believe i only read about 4 good books in 2008. anytime a personal best-of includes a book by chelsey handler ... well, that's just weird.

best book i read in 2008: wind-up bird chronicle
best book i read in 2008 that was written in 2008: soul thief by charles baxter.

now, now every children: i saw this band live in november and i really like them. they are totally cute. the girl reminded me of juliana hatfield. i like "not one but two" and "cars."


Sproactually said...

Snow would be more welcome than all the ice we had.

Talk With No Thought said...

I think i'm going to list your film in my top ten of the year. The best part was when you showed your green sweatpants. There was such heart there, ya know?

Beret said...

Ugh..Martha Plimpton. Back in the 80's she was dating River Phoenix, and I was convinced this was the only thing that stood in the way of us getting together. I couldn't stand her for that reason alone.

Kristabella said...

My book club meetings are an excuse to just get together and drink wine and eat dinner out of appetizers. Or non-trees, as SNL taught me.